Agnostic seasonal decor: it's winter, not Christmas

By on Dec 21st
Make SO MANY SNOWFLAKES! Can't remember how? Here are instructions  Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Make SO MANY SNOWFLAKES! Can't remember how? Here are instructions
Source: via Offbeat Home on Pinterest

Emma needs inspiration:

I'd love to get some ideas for non-Christmas-holiday decorations. DIY would be especially treasured. Something more winter solstice-based…or really just not anything overly Santa Claus/presents/Christian-centered.

I am really awful at bringing details together, and I would love some offbeat advice!

What can I do to my home to make it wintry, but not Christmas-y?

So, you're kind of non-specifically celebrating winter, yeah? I get you. I've found lots of ways to get seasonal but avoid all things which speak to specific beliefs.


Winter solstice celebrations are often light-centric.

Click through for a tutorial on a really simple way to make an ice lantern infused with wintry bits.

Light up hanging planters to make them pull double duty — green and flowery in the summer, subdued and pretty in the winter.

More light:

51tKyQAK0lL"Christmas lights" are becoming less Christmas-centric and more awesome-home-decor. The big colorful bulbs are so cheery. Seeing them makes me feel like the nice old lady at the office made me Christmas cookies.

Things to make

These simple crafts can be accomplished in a fairly short period — they might be a nice meditation on a dull December day.

Two sheets of cardstock paper + scissors + tape + interesting stick = oddly simple festivity log!

Make a swirled lacy snowflake. Click through on the image for the VERY simple instructions.

71O-Oz5+5BS._SL1500_This gorgeous Felt Holiday Wreath comes in a easy-to-make DIY kit.

Source: via Cat on Pinterest

Source: via Cat on Pinterest

The description calls these poofy pine cones miniature Christmas trees, but eff that. These are just cute. Everything looks festive with a rainbow poof stuck on it! Festivity and winter are like peas in a pod.

Oh, the ever-popular bunting. So "joy to the world" is a great thought on its own, but it's certainly evocative of Christmas. Could you string up a sentence bunting that says, like, "Man is the measure of all things" or something?

Do you have awesome secular decorations that highlight the season? Get 'em out in the comments — you too, below-the-Equator.