Storage made especially for your comic books: The Comic Tomb solves the problem of backissues

By on Sep 26th

Cute comic shop girl not included with order.

Organization is a special problem for everyone, and no less so for comic collectors. We had a bunch of ideas for alternatives to the traditional short box come up in the answers to a reader question, but here's a new alternative: The Comic Tomb.

Las Vegas comic shop Comic Oasis came up with the Tomb as a solution to storing their own back issues — SO MUCH BETTER than the floppy cardboard boxes I've pawed through. As soon as their new Tombs arrived, customers began clamoring for their own, and now The Comic Tomb is available to be custom designed for everyone.

They say no two are the same (unless you order, like, a fleet of Tombs for your library!) and my favorite is this little model, where you can see the books without even opening the drawer.


After commentors asked, I got in touch with the Comic Tomb guys to find a price for this particular model. $975 before taxes or shipping. I was also informed that they've begun applying graphics!

Learn more, browse photos, and find contact information at the Comic Oasis.

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