Storage made especially for your comic books: The Comic Tomb solves the problem of backissues

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Organization is a special problem for everyone, and no less so for comic collectors. We had a bunch of ideas for alternatives to the traditional short box come up in the answers to a reader question, but here’s a new alternative: The Comic Tomb.

Las Vegas comic shop Comic Oasis came up with the Tomb as a solution to storing their own back issues — SO MUCH BETTER than the floppy cardboard boxes I’ve pawed through.

Update 2019: Comic Oasis has closed, but we’re keeping this post up for your inspiration!

No two Comic Tombs are the same (unless you order, like, a fleet of Tombs for your library!) and my favorite is this little model, where you can see the books without even opening the drawer.


After commentors asked, I got in touch with the Comic Tomb guys to find a price for this particular model. $975 before taxes or shipping. I was also informed that they’ve begun applying graphics!

Again, Comic Oasis has closed… but we feel like some of y’all could DIY this concept pretty well yourselves!

Comments on Storage made especially for your comic books: The Comic Tomb solves the problem of backissues

  1. My husband really needs something like this for Magic cards. We have been looking everywhere for some kind of storage system that will fit them. The little cardboard boxes are driving me crazy.

  2. Pretty awesome. I’ve just got my long box and two short boxes chillin’ in a storage room. As cheap as another short box was, this would be an awesome option once I actually live in a house (and can afford it!). It’s too bad there was no “average” price range listed on the website (I hate calling places).

  3. Oh I SO need something like this for my magazines! I am a HUGE magazine fan and I have boxes of them, which means I never look at them. This is such a great idea!

  4. Wow! The follow-through on price-checking was really awesome of you. I am totally stoked to stash this info away for the day I (hopefully) get to use it. And holy graphics, Batman, as much as I hate Kitty/Colossus, I love Kitty in general and would buy that graphic in a heartbeat because it is TOO COOL. /jazz hands.

  5. These Tombs look interesting,
    I’ve recently come across a fireproof file cabnet,
    The main con in it is that I’d have to store my comics on their side or flat on their backs.
    The main pro is that it’s fireproof and temperature resistant and that we live in an area where forest fires are a risk and this would provide long term protection for my Golden Age comics in the event of a fire.
    Any thoughts on if this would work for long term storage? I wouldn’t want to store my back issues on their side because of risk of spineroll and I’m not sure if storing this vintage comics on top of each other would be a good idea for long term storage.
    Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.

  6. Hey,

    Im way over in Ottawa, Canada, and have been looking for a DIY way to store my comics. I was wondering what the measurements are for the drawers (width) and subsequently the width of the space created by inserting the dividers.

    I am trying to se if I can convert a dresser (probably have to re-enforce the hardware on it) into something similar so that I can remove the collection of boxes and crates from my den.


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