Painting trees: asking for trouble or making a front yard awesome?

By on Jun 1st
Hyper painted tree

Photo by FarOutFlora. Used under Creative Commons license.

In front of my house, there is a very nice elm tree. It's tall and shady and positioned in the center of the circle drive — it's the focal point of our front lawn. I've been wanting to paint it. Not, like, to make a painting of it, but to stripe it. A swath of pink and maybe orange or green. Mind you, I didn't get far enough into the idea to see if this was safe for the tree or not — and that is a concern!

This is where I find it useful to be married — this is the kind of scheme Scott wisely puts the kabosh on. Though we did come to an agreement, because he likes the idea of a colorful tree. I can color the tree if:

  1. I use a non-permanent solution, like wrapping the trunk.
  2. I somehow get it to be a neighborhood trend, so our tree doesn't stick out to potential buyers.
  3. OR! We live here for a good number of years and have the feeling we won't be selling any time soon. I believe the exact agreement was, "when we pay off our mortgage," but…we'll see.

All this leads me to ask: What are non-Christmas-y ways to decorate trees? Bonus points for pictures!

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