Painting trees: asking for trouble or making a front yard awesome?

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Hyper painted tree

In front of my house, there is a very nice elm tree. It’s tall and shady and positioned in the center of the circle drive — it’s the focal point of our front lawn. I’ve been wanting to paint it. Not, like, to make a painting of it, but to stripe it. A swath of pink and maybe orange or green. Mind you, I didn’t get far enough into the idea to see if this was safe for the tree or not — and that is a concern!

This is where I find it useful to be married — this is the kind of scheme Scott wisely puts the kabosh on. Though we did come to an agreement, because he likes the idea of a colorful tree. I can color the tree if:

  1. I use a non-permanent solution, like wrapping the trunk.
  2. I somehow get it to be a neighborhood trend, so our tree doesn’t stick out to potential buyers.
  3. OR! We live here for a good number of years and have the feeling we won’t be selling any time soon. I believe the exact agreement was, “when we pay off our mortgage,” but…we’ll see.

All this leads me to ask: What are non-Christmas-y ways to decorate trees? Bonus points for pictures!

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  1. It might look cool. . . but I’m not sure it’s the greatest thing for a tree that is trying to produce breathable oxygen.
    I just don’t agree with painting a tree : )

  2. From the outdoor survival section:
    Tracker Tape- It comes in all kinds of bright colors and hold up to snow and rain and doesn’t shred into litter.
    Bright Eyes- also for path marking but they have such a pretty silver blue shine

    Both are designed to safely mark um… decorate trees.


    Honestly the coolest, remove-able, off beat and kick-ass, stand up to the elements way of decorating a tree I’ve ever seen. Random link I found moments ago VIA Reddit and I KNEW I had to share it.

    • Okay, you win today. I hadn’t been interested in yarn bombing at ALL until this photo. Thanks!

  4. When my best friend and I were little, we wanted to decorate our favorite climbing tree. Our mothers handed us a couple of buckets of brightly colored sidewalk chalk and let us loose. We got to make the tree as colorful and pretty as we wanted without harming it, and every time it rained the chalk would wash off so we could make new designs all the time and we didn’t get bored of it.

  5. There is a park in Seattle that has blue trees. They used a water soluble colorant that will fade over time. I think it was called azurite?

  6. My parents planted a grove of trees nearly 30 years ago beside our house, and unfortunately many were ash. In my area, the emerald ash borer is a huge problem and many trees died. They decided to take these dead trunks a paint them a rainbow of colours and have made a life size fairy grotto. There’s little trinkets tacked onto dead trees, glass bottles strung up between trunks, birdhouses, and an array of unique/ridiculous lawn ornaments about. It is so much fun to wander through because my parents are always collecting new things to hide in amongst the trees. Even their conservative neighbours appreciate the whimsy.

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