Sara's heavenly laundry room makeover

Guestpost by Sara Lindsay on May 4th

WHO WANTS TO LOOK AT A LAUNDRY ROOM, CAT? I hear it. I know you read the title and you're yelling at me through the computer right now. Sara sent her laundry room to me last week — and a couple other totally impressive renovations — I have to start with the lowly laundry room. She rocked it! — Cat

We've been getting a load of projects done around the house, but let's start with looking at my laundry room do-over:

Grody. What the hell with the yellow? It just LOOKED dirty and nasty. Plus, the shelf that we had torn down (you can see the paint outline) was rickety and gross and worthless. Every part of this closet — "room" — needed to be fixed up.

And might I add that if you ARE going to paint your closet a color, could you at least PRETEND to care about your quality of work?

Geez people.

Like every other closet in the house — like every other ROOM in the house — the goal was to get a completely fresh coat of paint up including primer, trim and ceiling. There really has been NOTHING like the feeling of seeing and smelling a freshly painted room around here. I've got a whole nutha blog post waiting to be written up about how painting trim makes me feel.

After everything was so fresh/so clean clean, Troy went to work installing shelves for cleaning products.

My fella used a system of positionable closet stuffs, plus a pegboard, and after a little elbow grease CHECK IT OUT CHECK IT OUT!

I am STUPIDLY excited to have a place to put my carpet cleaner and my dust rags and my paper towels. I am STUPIDLY excited to be able to hang up my broom and my mop instead of just leaning them against walls and in corners. Oh holy wow, I am STUPIDLY excited not to have that NASTY yellow room/closet anymore!

The strides we've taken on the house during the past week make me want to twirl around the Austrian hillside teaching the Von Trapp children how to sing — and how to OPEN THEIR HEARTS TO LOVE. This is how happy the laundry room has me, you guys.