A dirt-cheap bird feeder ANYONE can make

By on Feb 16th

Product image via Tour de Fork.

I came across this product, made by Tour de Fork, as an option intended to enable the use of leftover food. In this case, the orange peels are a free air freshener.

But I thought – what a great bird feeder idea! I'm sure there are plans like this out there, but I'm new to the Caring About Having Birds in My Yard scene, so I've only been paying attention to such things for 6 months. I have no idea what the product pictured retails for — Tour de Fork is an Italian company and everything on their site is in Italian — but no worries. This would be dirt-cheap and stupid-easy to make. You ready?

  1. Find a wire coat hanger. I don't have any — thanks, husband — so I'll need to either score just one or buy a small pack.
  2. Straighten out your hanger.
  3. Do your best to make your hanger a pleasing zig-zag. You might even make it into a shape. Go wild! Impress your birds.
  4. Use a set of pliers to make a small loop at one end. You'll either loop this around a branch or gutter lip, or use a little string to help out.

Cut an apple, apply apple slices to your zig-zigged wire, and find a hanging spot. BAM! You Made a Thing today, and your neighborhood birds will be happy.

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