What’s your goal this new year?

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LEGO bling and LEGO-print skirt. Photo courtesy Kitschy Living.

Here we go headlong into 2012, Homies! And when’s better than the last Friday of the old year to try out something new? Open thread, ya’ll!

Let me pitch it: What’s your home-goal for a new year? Finally start sorting mail? Find the perfect apartment in a primo neighborhood? Share it in the comments: the first step to achieving a goal is stating it aloud.

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  1. Read six classic books and six non-fiction books this year. I read a lot, but it’s mostly sci-fi/fantasy stuff.
    Use up the fabric I have and STOP BUYING MORE!!!
    Get an internship in China to teach English as a foreign language!

  2. Finish University by the end of 2012 (even if it means going back for fall semester of my 6th year)

    Spend time in england, france, spain and germany visiting all my friends this summer, while working at this camp I want to work at so bad

    Get into grad school

    Move out of my parents house.

    Get rid of things I don’t need, I am an absolutely bag lady. I own way too much stuff and I need to stop be emotionally attached to things
    On the same note, be cleaner. I am an absolute pig

    2011 was filled with some of the best memories, and I was the happiest I have ever been in my life. Continue with that, and try to make 2012 just as amazing, but at the same time don’t constantly be comparing everything to the year before. Embrace change and new experiences

  3. Home: Organize our “office” which has turned into the junk room and make a weekly cleaning schedule for myself that I’ll actually follow.

    Self: I want to run a marathon eventually… it probably won’t happen this year but I need to start running on a regular basis. I’m totally in on the revamping my wardrobe bandwagon. I don’t need to get rid of everything, just update and/or replace some stuff so I can look more like a smart, growed up, married lady when I want to. And keep my grades up so I can get into nursing school!

  4. Mine is to finally make our home look like our home! We’ve just bought a house after a bunch of really awful rentals, and it is gorgeous, but needs some serious personality injected into it.

    I plan to make one change each fortnight for the whole year, whether it be painting furniture, or recovering chairs, or hanging art, or wallpapering rooms….anything really!

    Started a bit early and sanded / painted my buffet cabinet this morning!

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