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Original painting by Ursula X. Young
YAY, it’s finally happening! We are throwing wide the front door and launching Offbeat Home. Come on in! Welcome! Have a snack!

You’re looking at months of hard work from a whole team of folks, especially the Offbeat Empire’s long-suffering developer, J.M. Dodd and the site’s brand new editor, Cat Rocketship (yes, that’s her legal name). But there’s been a whole team of nerds making this happen (thanks, Mark and Travis!), and a lot of patience from all the Offbeat Empire editors who had to put up with me being a scattered mess for the last month.

Also, huge shout-out to our launch sponsors, who believed in the concept of Offbeat Home before the site even existed! (That’s some serious faith right there.) See the banner ads in the sidebar and the text ads at the top of post pages? Click ’em. You and these sponsors have something in common: you both think Offbeat Home might be something great. Go meet each other!

Oscar thanks aside, let’s roll up our dork sleeves and talk about some must-know tips about using the site…

Everything should feel pretty familiar — Offbeat Home is built from the same digital blueprints as the other sites, with the exact same navigation style. You’ll see tabs up top for different corners of the site:

  • The blog, where you’ll be getting 10 posts a week of decor porn, posts about doing cool shit, advice, and more. We’ve been posting behind the scenes for the last month, so you’ve got a fair amount of posts to give you some context for where we’re going with this thing.
  • Submissions, where you can learn more about submitting photos, guestposts, or a home tour
  • About, where you can meet the staff, read our FAQ (“where’s the forum?”), and contact us
  • Advertising info, because like the rest of the Offbeat Empire, this not a hobby. We’re an ad-sponsored site powered by full-time creative hustla types, and we looove teaming with up ‘n’ coming indie businesses. Placement starts at $5, so YES, you can afford it.

We’ll have new posts for you to nibble two times a day, five days a week. While we’d love you to swing by twice a day, we do realize that you’ve got a life to live, and so we make it easy to have Offbeat Home posts come to you:

  • Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get links to new posts (plus little links and stuff that’s not quite big enough to make it onto the blog)
  • Subscribe to our RSS feed (full posts! no excerpts! we love you long time!)
  • Sign up to get the latest Offbeat Home posts in your inbox every morning:

Anyway, enough of my jibber-jabber. Cat’s been working to get posts on the site for the last month, so you’ve got some catching up to do. And as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Most importantly, we’re soooo excited to have you here with us. Make yourself comfortable.

Comments on Welcome to Offbeat Home: make yourself comfortable

  1. Fantastic!! I did my stint on Offbeat Bride, have read Offbeat Mama with interest, and now my special kinda crack Offbeat Homes!! Love looking through other people’s pads and grabbing ideas for my own slice of earth. Love it love it!!!!!

  2. I am SO excited about Offbeat Home! I’ve followed Offbeat Bride for a long time, and Offbeat Mama since it launched – but my partner and I aren’t married and don’t have children. We DO, however, live somewhere! I look forward to all I can learn from – and possibly contribute to – Offbeat Home as I build my own little offbeat nest-o’ paradise.

  3. Damn you, Offbeat Empire! You have two of my biggest weaknesses cornered: kids and housewares. Curse you and your eating all of my free time! I guess I have no choice but to suggest you to all of my Facebook friends, so they too can be spoiled.

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