Does your home decor need more bite? Put a shark on it!

Updated Oct 12 2015

hi!By far my FAVORITE home accent is our shark head, mounted in our entry way. I love how it stares at me with its googly eyes (yes, we added the googly eyes) while I'm working. And I love it even more when it sneaks up on unsuspecting guests.

As many of you already know, my husband was attacked by a shark a few years ago, so we have been gifted TONS of shark stuff. It's gotten to the point where Aaron had to put a ban on shark products in our home. But that doesn't mean I can't virtually shop for shark-tastic home finds. (Is "put a fin on it" the new "put a tentacle on it"?

All of you shark lovers who don't have a shark ban in action in your households better hide your wallets, because this stuff is going to seriously tempt you.

Dun dun, dun dun, dundundundundundun…

[Reminder: click on ANY of the photos to learn more about a particular sharktastic find.]

Get your own shark head

It's smaller than mine, but just as ferocious.

Wall decals

I love how this one matches the bedding.

ENORMOUS whale shark wall decal

I would kill kittens for this to be my bathroom.

Shark mug

Ariel recently purchased this for our server tech by my advice: techies love coffee, dudes love sharks, so it's the perfect gift.

Shark mit

The one time putting your hand in a shark's mouth is actually the SAFE thing to do.

Shark tumbler

Shark glass: Drinking has never been more fun since the invention of alcohol.
Shark glass: Drinking has never been more fun since the invention of alcohol.

Shower curtain

Clothes hamper

I want to eat your dirty undies. Om nom nom.

Sparkly shark jewelry holder

Protect your bling with shark power.

Shark chalk board

I mean, if you're going to have a chalk board in the home, at least have it shaped like something badass.

Candle holders

Who knew sharks had such a dainty romantic side?


Okay, this shark looks more silly than ferocious, but he may do the trick.

Pet bed

Y'all already know how much I love this shark pet bed.

Shark fin salt and pepper shakers

I got these for Christmas a few years ago. I've since used them as cake toppers too!

Shark tail bottle stopper

Fin-ish It Later Wine Stopper
This is called the "Fin-ish It Later Wine Stopper" and I want it.

Shark night light

This shark will help you fight your fear of the dark.

Shark bedding

Pottery Barn Kids has shark bedding. I'm offended that this is only in the kids section.

Have you put a fin on it? Seen any great shark home decor products? SHARE!

  1. UM??!??? Sharks are about to be my new owls. At least till I get the same Ban.
    On another note, I had no idea about the shark attack! I'm glad he's okay.
    Oh yeah, and I'm totally getting that whale shark.

  2. Omigod I *love* the whale shark decal… that is so freaking cool.

    And holy cow about your husband!! I was looking through pics and my son happened to look over and had a million questions. Thank goodness he was okay after it all!

  3. People look at me funny when I burst into singing "If you like it, then you should have put a shark on it."

    Not that I would have found that out today, or anything like that.

  4. I don't have a whale shark decal, but we're San Jose natives, so I do have a four by four foot logo of the San Jose Sharks hockey team in my living room. For those who don't know, it's a big, black shark torso biting through a hockey stick. It rules.

  5. Just having celebrated my 34th birthday yesterday (with gift cards! YESS!), I've been an avid shark fanatic since 12 years old. Seeing this post has been the greatest post-birthday EVER! In addition to the framed Chris Fallows (aka Air Jaws) prints I have in my living room walls, I can not wait to use my gift cards on the fan-jaws-tastic things on this post! Thank you. I love you.

  6. I have a fauxidermied (it works if you mispronounce "faux") shark and dolphin in my bathroom! I got the stuffed animals at a yard sale, cut off the heads, and hotglued them to wooden plaques from Michael's. They look AWESOME and guests always laugh on their first trip to the bathroom.

    We have also fauxidermied a unicorn, a lion, a tiger, and a buffalo.

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