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Can’t spell vasectomy without team: how to give the perfect “snip gift”

“Taking one for the team”… “Vasec-Tommy”… “Can’t spell vasectomy without team” Yep, when there’s no push present because you’ve chosen to be childfree, sometimes you make t-shirts with the slogans above as part of your “snip gift” extravaganza. Our sales manager chica, Tiff, did just this for her husband and we’ve got the deets on how to make vasectomy day a much better day than it could be otherwise.

What are my longish-term birth control options?

I’m a mama to the best two little boys around…and would not like to have any more. Yep, my husband and I are in mega-agreement that two kids are plenty for us. I’m motivated to check out other options that don’t require a daily commitment until my husband is ready for the big V. So, what longish term birth control do you use and why?

Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about Child-Free men?

“For all the stories written by and for women on this issue — and there are markedly few — men are more likely to be absent from the public dialogue about intentional childlessness. It isn’t as if they don’t exist, so why aren’t men’s stories also being heard?”

Talking to your kids about dad’s vasectomy

Christine is the thirty-something mama of five kids (ages range from six to sixteen) and author of The Bean Blog. She wrote a post about telling her kids about her husband’s vasectomy.