Finding a super sturdy bed frame for active couples with bouncy toddlers

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shopping for the right mattress in a box
Attending a Zoom wedding in bed.

Not only do I try to do most things in my bed (I have worked, eaten, and literally attended a couple of Zoom weddings from bed), but I have a toddler who likes to bounce around. All this means that it feels like most of my life revolves around being in bed.

This in mind, I need my bed to be all things:

  1. In the morning my toddler gets into bed with me so that I can get a few extra moments of sweet sweet lying-down time while she entertains herself by bouncing and flopping around, so a new bed has gotta the best sturdy bed frame and mattress for motion reduction.
  2. I’ve got to get as much sleep as possible whenever possible because I’M EXHAUSTED, so my bed has gotta be comfy AF.
  3. My back bugs me, so I need a mattress for backpain — one that’s soft, but not too soft.
  4. We’re in an apartment and our bedroom backs up against our neighbors living room, so I need a quiet bed (if you catch my drift).
  5. I need my bed to be sturdy for active couples. (If you catch my drift.) Having a toddler, I don’t get as much “active couple” time as I used to, so when my husband and I do have the energy and the time to be “active”, I need a sturdy bed that can take it!

TL;DR: I need a sturdy bed frame for active couples and, well, our toddler

So basically here’s what I’m saying: I need a sturdy AF bedframe that can take a very adult pounding at night, but then also be ready for toddler bouncy fun times during the day.

…And I don’t want to leave my current bed, to buy my new bed.

Thankfully, we as a society have pretty much abandoned the idea of shopping for mattresses and beds in real life. Buh-byyyyye creepy salesmen and gross plastic-covered mattresses! Now we get our mattress in a box and dissembled bed frames delivered right to our doorsteps which is awesome, but it means we face different dilemmas. Mostly…

shopping for the right mattress in a box @offbeathome
How I spend most days…

How can I find the best sturdy bed frame online?

I recently had to go down the internet research rabbit hole to see if I could find a new sturdy bed frame and mattress, so take my hand and let me show you what I discovered…

Let’s start with mattresses.

Honestly, most all the online mattress stores looked the same to me, and so did their mattresses. So I’ve just bought from several different mattress-in-a-box companies, and I eventually just had to just guess which one by reading every single review to see if there was someone else like me out there.

After a little research, and found this company called Nectar. They have a little quiz to help you find the right mattress no matter your pain or comfort level.

You basically just plug in all your custom answers and it just tells you which one get. As a tired parent, that’s literally all I want in life: Just someone else to make some choices for me.

It even takes into account things like:

  • hot or cold sleepers
  • what position you prefer (with a category for “all over!”)
  • sleep apnea
  • back pain
  • fibromialgia
  • varicose veins (which I didn’t even know a mattress could do anything about??)
  • acid reflux

Basically… if you’re complaining about it (and I am — loudly and constantly) this quiz has been eavesdropping on you.

This is why I am kicking myself for not knowing about this adjustable base and mattress combo with a massage feature!?!?!?! NOW THAT IS A STURDY BED THAT IS ALSO FUN AF! My toddler is going to freak out!!

Not only does this thing adjust, but it massages you? That means this is a sturdy bed for active couples at night, but also has a massage option to delight toddlers during the day?

(Honestly, it might be worth using our stimulus check to invest in this baby.)

Once Nectar’s quiz helps find the perfect mattress and sturdy bed, then you get free shipping delivery within 2-5 business days, plus a sleep trial, and the best — a hassle-free refund if you still haven’t found the right mattress.

Then you can get back to spending the rest of your days on your perfectly comfortable-yet-sturdy bed frame endlessly doing stuff like this:



♬ original sound – meggyfin

…Or whatever people with free time get to do in their bed. (It’s probably all the “active couple” time I’m not having. Don’t have kids, folks.)

Anyway, it was too late for me (the mattress buying not the no-kid having), but you should go try that Nectar online mattress shopping quiz, and live your best life from a sturdy bed!

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