side walk and clumps of weeds

Ariel had her “baskets!” moment when it comes to using bath water to water her plants. But did you know that water could also be used to kill plants? Offbeat Homie Mel dropped some knowledge on us:

Use the water that you’ve boiled stuff in to kill weeds between paving without using poison. You just pour the still-hot water over the weedy bits and they shrivel up and die over the next couple of days.

Comments on Use water to kill weeds

  1. Yay!! Going to try this. We just moved into a house and the previous tenants obviously did not believe in any sort of lawn care so I currently have a jungle of weeds everywhere!!

  2. My mom had a horrible asparagus fern when I was in high school that I tried to kill by pouring boiling water on. But it was a tough old monster and just drank up the water like it was nbd.

    • and baking soda. Really anything to change the PH of the soil should work somewhat. But I have heard the best things about vinegar and baking soda (separately)

  3. Does anyone know if this will kill the actual plant? I thought this would just kill the leaves on display but that it would just grow back. We have a bad weed problem (mainly due to laziness) but am reluctant to use chemicals with 2 cats and a toddler so this would be fab if it worked!

    I just did a quick google and one site the weed may grow back but to keep at it as the weed will grow back weaker and weaker so eventually it should kill the plant.

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