DAMN FINE paintings, prints, and samplers pay tribute to Twin Peaks with art

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This is also available as a print, but I'm digging Coop as an iPhone skin by Ruby Faber, $15

Let’s talk Twin Peaks! It’s David Lynch’s film noir series starring Kyle McLachlan as a pre-Mulder quirky FBI agent who seems to be in touch with a mostly-unseen world. He pays a visit to the Pacific Northwest to investigate the murder of a teenage girl.

I love shows with interesting atmosphere. True Blood is another example — I couldn’t give two shits about Sookie and Bill. I just want to move to their version of Louisiana! And that murky, cloudy, I’m-not-quite-sure-what’s-around-the-bend atmosphere also makes Twin Peaks ripe for the sort of fan art you can enjoy on your walls for a really long time. So let’s shop some.

Twin Peaks Map print by Robert Farkas, starting at $23

As a kid I was fascinated by this show from afar — it ran on premium cable from 1990-1992, so I was only eight when it ended. I finally picked it up this summer. I have yet to finish the series — I took several peoples’ advice and stopped watching after Coop fingered the killer, and I’ve yet to decide if I’ll watch the last few episodes or not. You can catch it all on Netflix — if you’re interested.

Faster & Faster by Ju. Ulvoas, starting at $17

I didn’t get Kyle McLachlan until I watched Twin Peaks. HATED him in Sex and the City. And how could I like him in Showgirls? But then… I met Coop. Coop, the yoga-doing, coffee-loving, exuberant proto-Mulder. If I loved Mulder, I had to love Coop, and Coop’s love for pie.

A two-for-one deal on 8x10 prints by slowindustries: $17.50

Not to mention Coop’s love for coffee, his love for donuts, his love for all things edible.

Print by BettyTurbo, $24

Now that I’ve come to appreciate Twin Peaks, I’ve got to sit down for an afternoon with Blue Velvet.

Framed red room embroidery from thegreatnorthern, $35

But I don’t know if I can ever enjoy Mullholland Drive.

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  1. Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I don’t have words for how cool I think his performance is.

    And suddenly I want an iPhone.

  2. Watch it through the end. There are a few lame parts, but there’s some really great, cheesy sub plots, and if you left off where I think you did, you haven’t reached the DAVID DUCHOVNY episodes yet. And you have to see the last episode. It’s shocking, but it makes a weird kind of sense.

  3. you need to watch the whole thing! there is so much more amazing stuff, especially the finale. Chills! not to mention the movie (that’s a prequel and shows Laura in her final days), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

  4. You my fine Ms. Cat have done so good with this post!!! I love Twin Peaks. Like, love love. Like, my wedding is two weeks away, and it’s going to be decorated like the Red Room/Black Lodge, and my custom necklace says “Let’s Rock”. I even have a custom drawing that I had made on Etsy of my fiance and I as Laura and Coop in one of the scenes in the Red Room. I’m off to go swoon over these links right now!

  5. This makes me so happy!! I was so into Twin Peaks when it came out. I was even Laura (wrapped in plastic) for Halloween my sophomore year in high school. Now I feel the need to go drink something out of my Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station coffee mug (free gift with my subscription to the Twin Peaks Gazette.)

  6. I love Twin Peaks!!! I think Norway, in general loves Twin Peaks. It often re-runs at night, and I watch it every time I see it on, even though we have everything Twin Peaks on dvd.

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