The Dog House Sofa: helping you share your couch with your furry friends without actually having to

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I can’t decide if this Dog House Sofa from Korean designer Seungji Mun is the greatest idea ever for pet owners who don’t want to deal with pet dander all over the couch, or cruel and unusual punishment for pets who love to cuddle. Here’s the scoop:

All you have to do is relax and enjoy a tidy home, without worrying that your dog will turn the house upside down. Enhancing the connection between the man and his best small companion, the designer came up with the brilliant idea that allows them to better share emotions and communicate in a way they never did before.The Dog House Sofa is a modern couch, made of ash wood and comfy fabrics, that catches your dog’s interest in a second.

By combining a sofa concept with a dog house, the artist wanted to raise the awareness of how important it is to live harmonically, pointing out on the fact that the living space is not only destined for humans. Since his cute little house comes attached to the sofa, he will no longer sneak under it, looking for your attention. The nice thing is that the designer humanized the pet’s furnishing as much as possible. By blending together the two elements, the sofa and the dog house, he created a linking point between the dog and his master. The functional design allows you to use the top of the dog’s house as a coffee table.

So it’s half couch, half dog house, but without the dog-on-owner snuggle action. On one hand that’s awesome — no drooly mouth or fur flying in your face. On the other, it makes my heart a little sad — I’m not sure I’d be happy with my dog tucked away under the end of the couch that also doubles as my coffee table! Give the post another looksie and get back to me about what you guys think: ingenious design or heinous banishment?

Comments on The Dog House Sofa: helping you share your couch with your furry friends without actually having to

  1. I think my cats would probably like this, but my dogs are way too snugly to ever stay in the little doghouse (also probably too big for it.) I know it’s not for everyone, but I love having my dogs up on the couch with me. My pit bull is probably the snuggliest dog ever and must be touching as much of me as possible when we’re on the couch. She usually lays directly on my lap when we sit down to watch TV. Yeah, my couch is covered in dog hair. Yeah, it sometimes smells like dog butt. And yeah, guests are generally subjected to the same wiggly ball of snuggle in their laps that I deal with every day. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Does the top (coffee table part) flip up? If so you can still reach out and pet your furry friend so there’s that connection… But honestly, my mom’s dog would just ignore the dog house part and climb up anyway.

  3. My dog would be curious about the little house part. She may even hang out there. But then a little head would peek through the gap. Then a neck. And front paws. And before you knew it she would wiggle right up to where she always is…

    • I was thinking my cats might like this for when they want to be near but not touched… But I think you nailed what would happen perfectly. That spot beside the house would become a trap. An evil, evil trap which I must reach over to get my snacks/drinks.

  4. This is cool! Sometimes pets love their own little cave, perhaps especially when their owners are not near. If I had a couch like that I’d definitely still let my kitty snuggle with me, but I bet he’d enjoy the hideout at times too.

  5. I actually really really like this, its smart design. My dog loves to cuddle, I wouldn’t take that away at all. But, at night she is obsessed with sleeping in small, comfortable spaces away from us. This would solve the problem of the infamous ugly doggy bed.

  6. It’s cool, but would TOTALLY not fly in my house. Even if it was able to fit my 90-pound, hairy, smelly labrador, I can’t imagine it would do very much to stop him from climbing up on the couch.

    We do love the cuddles, but honestly, he’d ruin it if we let him up there all the time. When we’re not home, we have to keep a long 2-by-4 across it to keep him from stinking-and-staining it up.

  7. My doggie loves his crate when he wants alone time (and a nice pretty throw over it doubles it as an end table) but I can’t imagine not wanting him to snuggle with me on the sofa. It’s part of the reason I have a dog!

  8. I like it. My pup is not allowed on the couch because I live with people who are less pet friendly. Looks to me like you could reach your arm underneath to administer belly tickles when required.

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