Are you ready for an orange treehouse kid’s bed? YES!

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QUESTION: What do you get when you take one kickass, neon-orange, handmade treehouse, and move it into your kid’s room?

All photos by Juli.

ANSWER: the single most amazing bed ever! And yes, I remember that one time we featured an AT-AT bed. YEP, I SAID IT. This is even better.

I am forever grateful to Jill for sending us a link to this blog post on The Slow Life. I mean, look at this splendor:

Get the details at the blog, y’all.

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  1. Sooo gorgeous. Lifted beds seem like a great use of space, but I always wonder…how does the kiddle make the bed? Or can they? Is this only a pre-making-one’s-own-bed solution? (Not that I make my bed most days, but my guy does every single day, so we’re going to have to become a bed-making family).

  2. Hey, no problem Stephanie. This popped on on my Facebook feed and I HAD to send it to OBM! It is a giant room for a kid. We just finished our kidling’s nursery and I’m pretty sure the whole room could fit inside that treehouse. I’ve even seen some kids rooms with FIREPLACES in them!

  3. Now I’m jealous of yet another kid’s room. That is awesome! I want one for my king size bed.

  4. I had something like this when I was little! It was a house bed with a complete underside, drawers, and stairs and the top was my bed. so awesome. I plan on making something like this for my little ones

    …oh. ahem.
    adding this to my list of “what to make for my daughter”

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