Are you ready for an orange treehouse kid’s bed? YES!

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QUESTION: What do you get when you take one kickass, neon-orange, handmade treehouse, and move it into your kid’s room?

All photos by Juli.

ANSWER: the single most amazing bed ever! And yes, I remember that one time we featured an AT-AT bed. YEP, I SAID IT. This is even better.

I am forever grateful to Jill for sending us a link to this blog post on The Slow Life. I mean, look at this splendor:

Get the details at the blog, y’all.

Comments on Are you ready for an orange treehouse kid’s bed? YES!

  1. Sooo gorgeous. Lifted beds seem like a great use of space, but I always wonder…how does the kiddle make the bed? Or can they? Is this only a pre-making-one’s-own-bed solution? (Not that I make my bed most days, but my guy does every single day, so we’re going to have to become a bed-making family).

  2. Hey, no problem Stephanie. This popped on on my Facebook feed and I HAD to send it to OBM! It is a giant room for a kid. We just finished our kidling’s nursery and I’m pretty sure the whole room could fit inside that treehouse. I’ve even seen some kids rooms with FIREPLACES in them!

  3. I had something like this when I was little! It was a house bed with a complete underside, drawers, and stairs and the top was my bed. so awesome. I plan on making something like this for my little ones

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