Hand-made, up-cycled, tree branch guitar rack

Guest post by Janna

8355234775My hubby, Bryan, and I are both musicians, and artists — he did that guitar painting of me that you see hanging up there. He’s also a carpenter who made that entire tree branch guitar rack! It was totally all his idea and his craftiness. The whole thing only took him about a day to complete — he’s got skills. Here’s how he pulled it off…

I called him one afternoon after work and asked him what he was doing. He said, “I’m walking through the park looking for crotches.” Pretty confused, I asked him again what he was doing and he just said, “You’ll see later on.” So I sat around the house wondering what he was up to. Turns out that he was looking for tree branches (already fallen on their own) at the park that had “tree crotches,” or V-shapes.

He brought the branches he found to his workshop where he drilled holes in them to fit the V-shaped pieces, and carved them out so they would fit our guitars. Each guitar slot was carved specifically, so that only the one guitar fits in the one slot. Then he coated it with a urethane and let it dry. Then he brought it home and it all made sense to me!

545965_10150682870265912_339146583_nWhen attaching it to the wall of our music room, we made sure that we bolted it into the studs so it wouldn’t come crashing down on our heads. I think the hardest part was finding parts of the tree branch that connected with the wall where the studs were. But once it was up there, HOLY MOLY, this thing is awesome. Everyone who comes over notices it right away, it just looks so cool, AND it’s functional.


Comments on Hand-made, up-cycled, tree branch guitar rack

  1. This is brilliant – link sent straight to my husband. If we can’t do exactly this, then there must be something along those lines that we can work out!

    • I think the most important thing is that he used branches that had already fallen on their own. That way he didn’t have to damage a tree to make it. You can find a lot of branches after a wind storm.

      • I agree with you completely – we live near a beach that ends up with all kinds of driftwood lying around, so I think that may be worth a look. Not sure how strong driftwood would be though.

  2. OMG SOOOOO JEALOUS!! I would LOVE a hanging guitar rack. I live in a rental so I just can’t put the required hardware up on the wall with double sided hanging tape but this is def going in my mental filing cabinet of ‘Things I will do when I own a home.’ As it is my four guitars are all on those standard shop purchased floor stands but they take up so much room and leave my precious’ at risk of getting banged and bumped all the time!

  3. We rent but boy have we sunk a lot of anchors into our walls. These things are fixable. We need to get on something like this. All our guitars are just a jumble in the corner 🙁

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