Europe on $5 a day

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This is a trailer for a new book, released yesterday, called Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day. In it, author Doug Mack takes travel advice from classic travel book Europe in $5 a Day.

You can imagine how well travel advice from the 1960s has held up.

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  1. Just added to my Goodreads list! Thanks for posting this – I was unsure when I first heard of this book I wasn’t sure that it would be up my alley, but after seeing the video, I think that it will be!

  2. Absolute genius. Thirty-five handkerchiefs… oh dear.

    I once bought a second-hand “Teach Yourself Italian”, which turned out to be from the 60s… let’s just say it had some less than modern opinions of Italians!

  3. Oh! There is a lovely folk-punk band called Ghost Mice, fronted by Chris Clavin. He and his friend Emily (the other member of Ghost Mice) had just seen the Europe on $5 a Day book (didn’t even read it) and took off to Europe thinking they could do it. They have an album (Aptly titled ‘Europe’) that describes their adventures, and it’s so wonderful to hear how they got by on camping and the kindness of strangers.

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