“Then and now” family dog photos!

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Apparently, the site DogHeirs is compiling “then and now” family photos of people and their dogs. Each one is the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen! See:

Photo courtesy of Dogheirs.com

Of course, being big ‘ol dog-lover that I am, I this project totally got me all teary-eyed and thinking about my family dog, Ayla, that has been my pal for going on 12 years. So I did our own “then and now” photo…

Ayla and Megan: then and nowThat’s me and Ayla-Wayla in 2002 (we got her in 2000) and then again in 2012. I’m gonna go ahead and say it… I’ve aged better than she has. Poor Ayla had a hard time sitting in my lap — her hips hurt her now, and she’s a lot rounder than she used to be. But I’m lucky as hell to still have her in my life, even if she has turned into a grumpy old lady.

More than and now doggie pics can be viewed at DogHeirs. But I encourage all of you lucky enough to have pets in your life for as long as I have, to hug your fur babies tight… and then do one of these shoots!

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      • I’m actually worried about my husband when our puppers goes. Not that it is ever easy, but I have lost a pet before, and have some kind of expectation of the heartbreak. I had our dog when we met, and she has become a major turn-coat and is more his now 🙂 He’s never had a pet, so has never lost a pet, and oh crap I HAVE THE SADZ NOW 🙁

        • I feel the same way! My husband has never had pets before moving in with me, and now we have two small dogs that he refers to as “his pretty precious princesses”. Besides me, they are his world. Granted they are both around 4 years old, I fear that ten years from now when they are old grey ladies that his heart is going to break in ways that neither of us can imagine. I just keep telling myself that that’s a long time from now – and then I try not to think about it anymore. I can’t wait to go home and hug all of them!!

  1. I have a picture of my daughter as a baby sitting in her high chair, with my first dog as a puppy sitting on the highchair table, both starring at me for food. I never thought about doing this, but it would be an awesome idea to get them together for more photo ops when they both get a bit older 🙂 cute photos!

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