Brigsby’s theme-free bad-ass birthday bonanza

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Brigsby is known around these parts for having a pretty rad carnivalesque room, so it should come as no surprise that his recent birthday party was nothing short of cool.

Says Jamie (Brigsby’s mama):

There were cake pops and polka dots, teal velvet, and endless bubbles. Corn dogs and popcorn and candy and chicken wings. Pizza rolls and giant pretzels, hot chocolate and frozen drinks. Golden felt crowns and a bunny-masked pinata. A velociraptor with a top hat and a cupcake. A photo booth that went forgotten, volleyball and corn hole. Music and mayhem, painted balloons and metallic gold.

I don’t like kids’ parties. I don’t like the themes, or the awkward sitting, or awkward small talk, or staring at the kid while they cry and open presents and the like. I don’t like kids’ parties. So we didn’t have one.





Jamie blogged all about the party (and has way more photos!) at Easily Dunn.

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  1. Heck when they’re that young why not?! Kinda reminds me of the old photos of my first birthday in ye olde 1989. Ok they’re not old… but this is very cool! Going to look at her blog!

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