Boogers you want to pick? Yes!

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The Boogers! Photo used with Creative Commons license.
I’ve been dreading the whole la la nursery rhymes thing. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Nah, I sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, and that’s about as far as I went with nursery songs. Not only do I not know the words (ok, make that past tense thanks to a swim class), but the melodies stick in my brain and make it impossible to concentrate on anything else. And frankly, it’s no big loss for her from what I can tell.

Two songs best calm her down to sleep – Winnie the Pooh and Supercalifragilisticexpialedocious and if those don’t do the trick (or more accurately I am tired of singing the same thing over and over) And One and They Might Be Giants made great back-up bands.

What I really don’t understand is why, when a kid is awake and bubbling full of energy, do people only seem to want to sing ho-hum folksy songs to them? All the bot wants to hear is music with a beat, and I mean a real beat, that she can dance to. So when my hairdresser, the fabulous Carrie Monster, told me about the Boogers, my eyes lit up (and no, none of my hair bleach got into my eyes). It just so happened they were playing the next weekend so we trekked down to Reggie’s in Chicago to check them out.

These guys are great. I mean GREAT. If ever a band has had a good idea it’s this Ramone’s style kid’s band. From spins on classics (the Itsy Bitsy Spider is fun) to covers of punk songs fine-tuned to be more kid-friendly, to clever originals; Crusty, Greenie and Sticky have a goal to create music that really gets kids moving. At every concert they block off space in front of the stage for the kids to mosh. Have you ever watched kids dance? Pogo-ing was invented by them!

The Boogers: Road to Rock
And this is the thinking behind the formation of the Boogers. Not all kids music has to be down-tempo, mind-numbingly boring for parents. Kids like to dance and parents are going to be there too, so why not make music that kids love and parents actually enjoy? You put the Boogers on your stereo and before you know it, you’re rocking out to the Transportation Song. Did I mention Carrie Monster doesn’t have kids… and she loves to go to the Boogers concerts?

I’ve been trying to get the time to write a review that they deserve. I even got the chance to interview them and get some video footage of a show, but they’re about to release a new album and they’ll be playing their first East Coast show in Connecticut today — so I want to make sure you guys have a chance to get the word out. If you’re on the East Coast, and in the Westport, CT area, go see this band. Keep an eye out for their new album in September. And in the meantime pick up their album Road to Rock over on Amazon.

I should mention, these guys are located in Chicago and they play a lot of shows in the area, so if you’re coming this way, try to make one. They do try to get around the country and the more the word gets out about them, the better the chance they can make it to your neck of the woods (and hey, they’re always available for hire like any good punk band). So check em out and spread the word. After all, how often do you get to ask your kids if they want to pick their Boogers?

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  1. Sounds fun!

    I actually kind of like for my son to learn all the traditional folksy songs, and some of the newer “camp-type” songs (like “I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee). The expression on his face the first few times we joined in on a “new” song he was presenting to us was priceless. Also priceless was his expression when I sang “Frere Jacques” to him. It was as if I was speaking an alien language!! 😀

    • In fairness, Elly, I do think nursery rhymes/camp songs have their place and serve a purpose on many levels for kids, but there’s something wonderful about sharing music with her that isn’t so commonplace too. I know she’s going to learn things like Frere jaques, Three Blind Mice and so many more in classes, when she’s with the nanny and such and that’s great. (I know the words to wheels on the bus now thanks to her swim class :P)

      What was most exciting about the Boogers was the kids’ reactions at the shows. Most live shows I’ve seen for kids, the kids seem engaged but afraid to dance or let loose. At the Boogers most of the kids were pogo-ing and spinning around in the pit. A couple even dropped to the floor and started spinning around ala the Curly Shuffle. I’ve never come across kids that into a show before and that’s been at both Boogers shows we’ve been to. I can’t wait to see the next one, especially now that the Bot is wanting to walk. 🙂

    • I had no idea! I did know that They Might Be Giants has a kids album (maybe 2 now) and Chris Ballew, lead singer from the Presidents of the United States, has a kids band called Caspar Babypants. And apparently there are kid versions of the Cure, Metallica, and NIN from what I’ve been told, though I haven’t heard any of them yet.

      I’m excited to see what else there is.

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