10 gorgeous judgement-busting photos of tattooed parents

Guest post by Ashley Sloan
All photos by
All photos by Ashley Sloan

In society, how you look is seen as very important — it can make or break you on getting a job, and it’s how the average person creates their first impression of you. Which means that often tattooed individuals are harshly judged. Those that are tattooed parents especially get a mix of reactions…

Some are positive, but those reactions that are negative can be extreme. Stereotypically, people that are tattooed can be seen as people that may take part in drugs, gangs, or generally not living a culturally acceptable “positive” lifestyle. Sure, in recent years, tattoos have become more common, but they can still carry a negative connotation. I also have several tattoos, and was once asked if I did drugs. When I asked why this person asked me that, they said “because you have tattoos.”

In my years as a photographer, I have seen some amazing artwork adorned on amazing people… and the majority of them parents. They have shown love, live a positive lifestyle, and are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. This got me thinking… “I want to show the world this love!”

The people in my “Tattooed Parents in Everyday Society” collection are parents who have been judged by those that do not know them. Many of these parents own small businesses, are tattoo artists themselves, are a part of a military family, and raise amazing kiddos. They just also have all this amazing art on their bodies…










In a world where constant judging of other people goes on, those with body art and kiddos should not be put into a category of negativity. Our artwork should be admired and us as parents should be supported because in the end we are all the same!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful families! I love this. And i love, Ariel, that you are running this series of posts about love, acceptance, and fighting discrimination and prejudice *wink wink*

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I appreciate you spreading the idea that parents with tattoos can be loving.
    It’s so hard to constantly feel peoples judgment.
    I have been aked what I’m going to tell my child.

    Happy I found this site!

  3. My husband and I are inked and our kids love the temporary ones. The first ones were bought by grandma for them. I’ve thought of doing a similar family shot just haven’t gotten to it yet. My plan was to cover our kids in the temp ones as part of it. “The family that inks together stays together.”

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