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High Fidelity: 5 reasons we love our record player

Really, find a turntable, a receiver, speakers and some wire and put it together yourself. Find a music snob, or someone over 50 to help you. It’s worth it. After years of playing mp3s through my crummy computer speakers, I feel like I’m finally listening to music again.

An ode to the music shop: what was your first music purchase?

I have had a long term relationship with music stores since I was 11. My mom took me to see That Thing You Do! and I fell hard for everything: the dudes, the band, the music. I immediately asked if we could get the soundtrack, and shortly thereafter took my first intentional step into a music shop. Sure, I had been into them before, but never with a purpose — never when I was looking for something that would change my life.

Please paws the music!

Stop everything and look at this cat scratcher that looks like a record player. And yes, that cardboard record spins and that is a pose-able tone arm. Interactive for kitty, hilarious for you.

How to turn record album sleeves into swanky boxes

Do you have some record album sleeves left over from your record-melting crafty-fun-times? Are some of those records you picked up at that garage sale looking awesome but not sounding so great? Here’s how to upcycle those old album covers into a new life as 3D boxes that hold all kinds of things! Prezzies! Foods! Toys! What will you put in yours?

Mount your record player on the wall in small spaces

See any room there on that counter for a bulky record player? No, neither do I. That’s why it’s brilliantly hung up on the wall! Sadly, this isn’t possible with your average record player…