How to turn record album sleeves into swanky boxes

Guest post by Liz Gubernatis

Make a pile of boxes from old record sleeves

Pretty packaging can corral gifts with several itty bitty parts, or just dress up a thoughtful little something. Buying packaging materials can feel frustrating, but whether you’re trying to stay budget conscious or eco-savvy, this is how to turn an old record album sleeve into a swanky gift box.

Materials needed

Materials and Tools

  • Record Sleeve(s)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Long ruler (longer than the box = best)


Step 1:

Cut your sleeve apart into two squares (the front and the back). This is easiest if you cut from the opening along the top and then the bottom, then finally across the last edge.

Cut open your record sleeves into 2 squares for top and bottom

Step 2:

Decide on the size of your box. 1″ deep is a wider, shorter square box, and 3″ is a skinnier, taller square box. I like 2″ deep for multipurpose use. The rest of this tut will use the 2″ — just swap out your number for the 2 if you want a different depth.

Step 3:

Starting with the original opening edge of your box-bottom-to-be, measure up 2 + 1/16″ along the right and the left side and use the edge of your scissors to score that mark.

Measure 2 and 1 sixteenth inches up from original opening and score

(Why the extra 1/16″ you ask? Well, that makes the box-bottom ever so slightly (er, 1/16″) smaller than the top, which lets the top slide snugly over it when the whole shebang is done. If you make them both exactly 2″ they won’t fit together. Sad trombone.)

Step 4:

Using your long ruler, line up your two small score marks and score the entire edge. Then fold it along the scored line.

Score the whole side then fold up along score line

Step 5:

Repeat on the opposite edge (the sleeve will be straightest on the original opening edge and the opposite edge, making your measurements and marks more accurate).

Step 6:

Using your fold lines as straight edges on the remaining sides, repeat the measure/mark/folds.

Repeat scoring all the way around the box bottom

Step 7:

Cut along the scored edge of each little corner square as shown (cut the same way on each side of your box-bottom).

cut each side along one scored edge to make flap for box

Step 8:

Fold these tabs inward and apply hot glue generously. Press into place to form corners of the box and hold for a few moments, applying pressure to evenly spread the glue.

apply hot glue generously to tab, press and hold

Step 9:

Repeat this at each corner until you have your completed box bottom.

repeat all the way around to form box bottom - complete

Step 10:

With the box-top, repeat steps 3-9 only this time do not add the extra 1/16″.

Repeat all the steps for box top - but one-sixteenth inch smaller measurements

Step 11:

When glue has dried, slip the larger top over the smaller bottom box. TaDA!

Finished bot top fits snugly over finished box bottom


Gift boxes are a gimme for this kind of packaging, but you can also use these ideas to store goodies, hold concert tickets and programs, or even fold a few boxes to send foods in (line them with wax paper, in that case).


This process give you opportunities to upcycle record sleeves, cereal boxes, or other stiffer paper products into packaging for treats. Decorate with some stamps, stickers, markers, sky’s the limit.

Your Turn!

What will you be packaging with record sleeve boxes? Tell us how you’ll make this project your own in the comments below.

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