Please paws the music!

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615zx2RJIxL._SL1018_Stop everything and look at this cat scratcher that looks like a record player. And yes, that cardboard record spins and that is a posable tone arm. Interactive for kitty, hilarious for you. And it’s on sale right now for $27.

DJ Cat Scratch in the houuuuse!

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  1. I received one of these this past Christmas, and I have to say, it’s…PAWsome! (c’mon, how could I NOT?!) My favorite is when kitty just sits on the record part and bats the arm part. haha!

  2. WANT. And I don’t even have a cat. Yet. Someday I’ll be a crazy cat lady (married to a crazy cat guy — is that a thing?), I just need to wait until the time is right to get all tek kittez.

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