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Fun, swanky beds and furniture from Wedo Beds in the UK

Oh my little UK Homies, I’m jealous of you for so many reasons (sexy accents being the main one) but now I can add our sponsor Wedo Beds to my list. Wedo Beds is a new online bedroom furniture retailer in the UK that offers these amazing choices in beds…

Red Ruby Rose has the perfect clutches for you and those hard-to-shop-for ladies

The UK’s Red Ruby Rose has been a featured over on Offbeat Bride several times now. However these gorgeous clutch bags are suitable for all occasions — not just weddings — so we decided to feature them over here! In honor of Red Ruby Rose coming on as a Home & Life sponsor, the designer Rowena is hosting a giveaway just for the Homies! Let’s gawk, shop, and learn how to win one of these beauties for free…

Bex and Paul’s cozy boat moored in the countryside

I’d never stayed over night on a boat before I bought one to live on. I’d lived in a caravan and a garage for a bit so I thought that was enough — and I was right. This is our home: a narrowboat on England’s canals.

How to get what you want from Freecycle: etiquette and getting started

I love Freecycle. This means that I always recommend it to anyone looking for new furniture. However, my friends often try it out then turn around a few weeks later saying either they couldn’t work out how to use it, they got fed up with how many emails they got, or they kept missing out on the good stuff, because it would go too quickly. Sound familiar? Never fear. I am here to help.

A sod-covered found-wood playhouse in a woody British backyard

Come along with me and experience the tale of the time J0_M0 decided to build his kids a log playhouse in the English countryside, using only found wood and purchasing only a bag of nails.

A photo tour of Ms. Graveyard Dirt’s day off

MGD is a witch living in the UK, where she gardens, cooks, and salvages the dead animals she comes across. Here, she gives us a tour of one day this summer. -Cat

For sale: two bedroom flat in a 130-year old church, complete with arched ceilings

Come in! Enjoy the views of this UK apartment: its green lawn, its cathedral ceilings, its stone window casings. Picture yourself in this special home in the countryside.

Victoria’s English garden summer studio/occasional shop

Victoria started posting her sweet little backyard studio shed in the Offbeat Home Flickr pool. And with each photo, I fell a little bit more in love with her space. Come along on a tour!