Foxes are the new birds

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Remember when we wondered what the next style and home decor trend would be? Portlandia nailed it to the freaking wall with “put a bird on it.” But, after doing a little online shopping on Modcloth, it’s seems to me that foxes are the new birds.

What does the fox say? It says “buy me.”

Girl Fox Tee from ModCloth

Baby Fox Cross Body Bag

Talisman Beachwood Corner Spoon in Woodland

Clever Pair Mug Set from ModCloth

Lifelong Loves Tee from ModCloth

Over and Outfox Ring from ModCloth

Foxy Moxie Apron from ModCloth

Fox Checker Tee from ModCloth

A Fox of Chocolates Container from ModCloth

Fox Trot Along Socks from ModCloth

Curiously Cute Tee from ModCloth

Wild at Hearth Print in Foxes from ModCloth

Give It a Sly Pillow from ModCloth

Living Creature Camouflage Cups Fox from IMM Living

I mean, super-cute shit, ammaright? Are you jumping on the fox trend? What foxy items are you rocking?

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  1. I have an artist friend (Christian Anne Smith) who paints a lot of fox characters in her whimsical work. She painted a really cute picture of two foxes as our wedding present, I love it! Anyone who likes bright colors, whimsy, and foxes should check out her work!

  2. My aunt made us all fox-head potholders for Christmas and they are awesome.

  3. I love all the foxes…but I really thought the next trend was going to be hot air balloons. Guess it didn’t “take off.”


  4. I got those socks from Sock Dreams, based in Portland. They had a booth at Emerald City Comicon, and they have so many awesome sock designs… I got those and ones with a unicorn farting a rainbow. Previous purchases from them include ones with Sloths, and ones with a pattern of robots, unicorns and cupcakes.

  5. I’ve been seeing this on baby clothes all over … Didn’t realize until now that it wasn’t a cute baby thing. Or, rather, not *just* a baby thing.

    And what does “What does the fox say?” MEAN?????? (It’s on a lot of baby shirts. I don’t get it?)

    • Really?!?! Look it up on Youtube, it’s awesome. I jam out with my daughters (the teen and the toddler) to it all the time!

      • When my friends first posted this on Facebook, I responded with the fox clip from Antichrist.
        “What does the fox say?”
        “CHAOS REIGNS”

        …I am a terrible person.
        But it was super funny.

  6. hey, i did foxes BEFORE it was cool. 😉 lol

    and i still prefer to put a bird on it. <3 birds.

  7. I’m not surprised, I settled on “woodland” as a theme three years ago when I was preggers. Love finding fox, bird, owl, squirrel, fawn, and hedgehog toys and accessories to add – and there are a LOT more of them to choose from than when I started!

  8. Yeah, I got a bird tattoo like two days before the Put a Bird On It episode aired. So that was fun.

    I’ve finally decided to embrace it – we’re getting married at the National Aviary and we’re even doing “Put a Bird On It” on our invites.

  9. I can’t do foxes. No matter how adorable they are. They never fail to remind me of an insane girl who did terrible things to my life, who was obsessed with foxes and convinced she could shape shift into one. (Just me? Yeah, probably.)

    I will admit to being all about putting a bird on everything, though, to the point that people pick on me about it. Especially if the bird is an owl.

    • Well … not exactly the same, but … my boyfriend’s roommate had a fox pelt (taken from the side of the road and skinned) in the freezer for a year. Yes, like, below the ice cream and on top of the frozen veggies. So, there’s cute little decorative foxes on everything … and then there’s dead fox in the freezer. The latter is just not quite so cute…

  10. As someone with the last name of Fox, I’m ambivalent about this trend. I do love getting fox-themed decor every now and then, but if one more person sends me the Yvlis song, I may crack.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me. I’m not a Fox (yet, I will be in November) but my Fiance is (obvy) and that got so old so fast. My new response to “LOL WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY” is “The fox says shut the f*** up.”

  11. If you happen to go to Target – my goodness there are tons of fox things… it’s been a trend for the past 4-6 months…

    I’m not much for foxes… though a lot of the things are super cute.

  12. I like the fox trend because it came alongside the whole “woodland creatures forest friends” trend, which means I get to have SQUIRRELS! on things.

  13. Waagh. I feel like kind of a dweeb saying “I was into foxes before they were cool, and I’ll still love ’em long after they stop being on cute socks at the mall!”…but yeah. Foxes have been my totem critter for years, and while I know I look trendy with all my fox schwag, I’m pretty excited that it is so easy to find now!

  14. Nya! I love this trend!

    It would be kinda cool if the next trend was baby bats. Namely because baby bats are totally adorable. <3

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