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Retro space nursery turned big kid’s room for two

Remember the Retro Space Nursery we featured in 2009? Well, Leah’s two boys have grown significantly (one’s a toddler, and the other is in preschool), and the room was due for an upgrade!

Turn your living room into a learning space for $20 or less

As our son grows up, Sean and I are super interested in finding new, fun, and more offbeat ways to help him love learning. What ideas do you have?

Catching up with Pushba and Lada

Time for another chapter in the ongoing saga of “Ariel’s long-distance Russian mama-crush.” Yep, new pictures of the stunning (and pregnant!) Pushba and her daughter Lada.

Teaching my child kindness and religion

Ashley was raised Catholic, and is struggling with how to teach her son the values she cherishes from her faith, but to deter him from picking up the traits that she finds less than desirable.

The gift of tantrums

Monica gives you an alternate way to think of and cope with those crazy little tantrums toddlers are so fond of throwing.

Co(erced)-sleeping: how we share a sleeping space with our two year old

Amira and her husband, Saad, are still co-sleeping with their two year old, Aiman. They love the idea, but the actual sleeping arrangement might just do Amira in.

The challenges of picking out a bike seat or carrier for your toddler

When it came time to find a bike seat or carrier for Jasper, I was all kinds of crazy — too worried to have him in a cart behind me, not sure about having a seat placed where I couldn’t see him, etc. THEN, I discovered the Bobike Mini – a bike seat that goes on the FRONT of the bike!

What do your kids call you?

I tend to not let society or scientific findings sway my mothering instincts too much. I, of course, accept certain social norms, only to make it easier on Abbi growing up, but I rely mostly on my own judgment and sense of right and wrong. Ultimately, I, NOT SOCIETY, am responsible for the human being I am raising in my home. She has never been any less than a developing adult human…one that needs me to love, accept, set an example for and teach her.