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Creating a life vs. becoming a mom: thoughts on adoption and surrogacy

I have never thought of myself as motherly. Never wanted any part of it. I’m 26 now, and have always known that I didn’t want children of my own. But when I was 19 I had a surprise pregnancy. I was careful, but life happens. Long story short, I chose adoption. I knew I couldn’t do it and wanted the best for my little person…

Do you have any advice for becoming a surrogate?

I am very heavily considering becoming a gestational surrogate: I have had two pregnancies, of which both were a total boring cake walk and both deliveries were quick and easy. I had someone mention that I’m built for having babies, and I did enjoy being pregnant very much.

I was my best friend’s surrogate

All of the events and relationships involved in my birth story were put into place nine years ago when my best friend and I met. I’ve watched my best friend and her husband struggle with infertility for years, and one day simply said: “You know I’d have a baby for you, right?” That sentence started the most amazing journey.

Why two men went from New York to India and back to become parents

Brian and I yearned to have a child of our own for years. We explored our options via surrogacy both nationally and internationally. Here in the United States we were deep into the process of surrogacy. It was extremely costly, time consuming, and emotionally taxing. Our attempt at conceiving through different surrogates failed six times. Our funds were dry.

Surrogacy Part Two: Why did I choose this?

In part two of her surrogacy series (you can read part one here, A.M. discusses her pregnancy and goes into why she became a gestational carrier in the first place.

Surrogacy Part One: How I became a gestational carrier

In the first of a two-part installment, A.M. explains how she became a gestational carrier for a same-sex couple.

I want to be pregnant… but I don’t want to be a parent

I have a birth plan in place, know that I want to use a birthing center instead of a hospital, and I drink my morning coffee while watching Birth Day. Here’s the tricky part: I do NOT want kids.