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Location, hydration, and hecklers: How to survive a parade

I’ve been in my fair share of parades. From a soaking wet and shivering cold St. Patrick’s Day downpour to a Why Am I Dressed Like a Pioneer in 100 Degree Heat fiasco, I’ve learned that being in a parade is a bittersweet delight. But with these tips you can make it more fun!

What the float!? Pool sharks and other amazing rafts

Last year ’round summer time, I introduced you to my favorite pool float of all time — the inexplicable pretzel float. This year we have a new winner — the pool shark! Just gaze upon it, in all it’s sea-through, metallic-bespotted, adorableness. You know how much I love all things shark, so clearly I couldn’t resist sharing it with mah Homies. But that’s not where the amazing floaty things end. Here are some more rafts that’ll make you say WTF (what the float)?

From retro to goth to geeky: swimsuits in any style (and almost any size!)

Megan and I are both big fans of ModCloth’s swimwear. In fact, we each have the suit pictured above, cause it’s available in standard and plus sizes. There’s really something for any style, but I’ve rounded up three groups to get you started: retro glam, dark and edgy, and fun and geeky. While not every style is available in every size, ModCloth carries styles up to size 30. Each two-piece is available separately, meaning you can mix and match looks to your heart’s content. Click on the image to go to the product page, and dive in!

How to decorate and de-boring an above-ground pool

Remember my parent’s house in Maui? This summer their home improvement project was to install an above-ground pool — so very much more cost-effective than a below-ground pool, and just as refreshing. Though it may be just as refreshing, an above-ground pool is not just as attractive. So here’s how we made the outside of this pool as pleasant as the inside…

Top 10 ways to embrace, rather than fight, summertime heat

My friends, it gets hot in the summer. So I just don’t see a purpose in getting angry about it, or trying to avoid it. As with many things — swimming in a cold lake, childbirth, writing an essay that feels like it’s going nowhere — the way out is the way through. So here are my top 10 ways to embrace the heat,,,

My summer reading list: three books about America, and one about bridesicles

Ever since I figured out last year that no screentime for an hour before bed made it waaaay easier for me to fall asleep, I have been on a reading BINGE. Mostly fiction, mostly fun, and mostly AWESOME. This summer in particular I’ve been on a roll with some really great books, and figured I’d circle up with y’all to compare notes.

Oddly, three of the four books I’ve read recently have had “America” in the title, so evidently I’m on a patriotic theme. Come with me?

Use Swimsuits Direct to find that just-right suit for a stylish summer

I got all stoked about my favorite bathing suit last week. Now let’s talk about our sponsor Swimsuits Direct, where you can buy all kinds of favorite bathing suits for all kinds of your favorite summertime activities. If you’re looking for last-minute summer fashion deals for your vacays and pool times, check these out…

Stop what you’re doing and check out this pretzel-shaped pool float

Holy crap, guys. I can’t even get over that this is a thing that exists in the world. If you’re looking for the perfect pool accessory, or wanting to stand out on your trip to the lake this summer, Mr Floaty Pretzel here is sure to be a conversation starter.