Stop what you’re doing and check out this pretzel-shaped pool float

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575eab2ab14b59204c24176f7a4ed925Holy crap, guys. Stop everything you’re doing and check out this pool float that’s shaped like a pretzel! I can’t even get over that this is a thing that exists in the world.

If you’re looking for the perfect pool accessory, or wanting to stand out on your trip to the lake this summer, Mr Floaty Pretzel here is sure to be a conversation starter.

It’s available on Amazon for less than $20!

If pretzels aren’t your favorite floaty snack, then you should check out this Homer Simpson-esque Gigantic Donut Pool Float on sale for $13.92! Or the Giant Swan (that looks hilarious when tied to the roof of a car).

Also of note…

That black bathing suit pictured above is amazing. I wore my polka dot Esther Williams suit until it died and now I have it in leopard print. I get NON-STOP compliments. You should get one to wear while you’re floating on Mr Pretzel and blow everyone’s minds this summer.

Do YOU have an awesome float shaped like something random that I should know about?

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  1. Oh my, how I wish I needed one of those!

    I do need a swimsuit though and have basically been stressing about going on a holiday BECAUSE of the swimsuit – where to look, what to get, oh I don’t like shopping, oh I don’t want to spend money on something I will half like and won’t really want to wear… You totally just solved my problem (I don’t think it’s the first time you show that swimsuit and I already loved it the first time!). I found a shop that sells it in the UK, it has 5 working days to get to me before I fly to Greece, IT WILL HAPPEN. Thanks 🙂

  2. Ha! The stuff you find is crazy and kind of awesome. I almost would get the swan just to keep it strapped on the top of our car. I think I had a similar, albeit much, much smaller, floaty swan when I was a little kid–either that or I’m delusional and just think I did (equally possible).

    PS: I would love a swimsuit like that! Problem is, I can’t justify buying another swimsuit when I don’t really ever go swimming in the first place and I hardly ever wear the one(s) I have…[“one(s)”=I have a couple of tops that go with a set of bottoms I have…] But I still want that swimsuit. Every summer, I see these gorgeous retro-style one-piece swimsuits in every catalogue, and I would love to get one, but I never do…

    • Wal-Mart has a suite JUST like that retro one. (I thought it was the one from Wal-Mart at first.) It was like $20, and I wore it every day last summer and it’s held up pretty well. There’s even a cherry print one. It’s the Catalina shirred bathing suit. (Normally I avoid Wal-Mart, but it was the ONLY place I could find a bathing suit that made me feel good about my body.)

      • Yes! Walmart’s version is great! I bought a hella expensive vintage looking bathing suit and it died after just one summer. So when I found walmart’s version when I was in a last mintue “oh geez I told them I’d meet them in the pool in an hour and I don’t have a suit” frenzy I bought it because it was cute and cheap. Well I’m on year 2, and it’s still in great shape. They have all kinds of different colors/prints. I’d recommend it over the pricey ones. Best random in a hurry purchase ever.

        Warning to bigger chested gals, there isn’t much support to keep the boobs under control. That’s my only complaint.

  3. I have the black swimsuit! I bought it last year and have yet to wear it due to NOBODY EVER CAN GO TO THE FRIGGIN’ SPRINGS ON THE SAME DAYS I CAN RAHHHH.

    I require the pretzel. Because *one day.*

  4. That pretzel is awesome, but I also wanted to give a shout out for that swim suit. I got a wine-colored one a couple years ago, and I love it. I HATE swim suit shopping, and it is the only suit I’ve owned in years and years that I actually feel comfortable in. Worth the investment!

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