A robot stroller for nerd parents and their geeklings!

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Hi ho! It’s Megan from Offbeat Bride. I know you only ever hear from me when I’m either talking about baby piles or showing off cool product finds. Lucky for you, this time I want to share another cool product!

As a person who has been rammed in the ankles by so many damn strollers, I have developed a Pavlovian hatred of the damned things. Until I saw that Think Geek was featuring a freaking stroller. Really? A geeky stroller? I was dubious. But HOLY CRAP it’s awesome!
Okay, it looks cool, right? But wait until you see the video!

Now it just might look like any ol’ ankle-craving stroller, but this thing is a fucking robot sent from geek heaven to make the lives of nerdy moms and dads just that much better. Watch:

Not only does this thing charge your iPhone, it folds the fuck up at a touch of a really cool glowing blue button. That’s why I’m not too surprised the Origami Stroller’s the big ol’ price tag. I don’t know how much strollers usually cost, but I know that if I ever became a nerdy mom, I’d pay a million for a robot stroller that makes my life a bit easier.

Will someone buy this just for the satisfaction of seeing the look on your fellow parents’ faces when you fold your robot stroller as they struggle to get their non-nerdy stroller into their car?

Comments on A robot stroller for nerd parents and their geeklings!

  1. Awesome. Yes, price tag is high – but not high enough for some mommies as they are all out of stock!!

  2. It’s awesome shit like this that makes me wish I was a little bit more capitalistic!

  3. This stroller is a hell of a lot cheaper than the Bugaboos, Stokkes and UppaBabys I see on my street!

    • That’s what I was thinking. I’ve heard that there are, like, these HIGH FUCKING END strollers that people practically need to take a 2nd mortgage out to be able to afford. And I bet they aren’t even robots… JEESH!

    • Actually, it’s more than the Uppa, same as the Bugaboo, and a bit less than the Stokke. I spend to much time around strollers. = )

  4. Do you think they will make one for twins? A lot of the fancier double strollers aren’t so different in price!

  5. Oh! I REALLY need one! This is amazing! Maybe I can trade in my bike for it…

  6. Why do all the cool baby products come out after my baby (now 5) is too old to use it? I wouldn’t pay $800 just for a fancy stroller, but I might for a stroller that generates its own power.

  7. In Australia that’s a pretty standard stroller price, but I don’t doubt that if I could find a supplier over here the price would have an extra $500 at least whacked on top of that. We got lucky as the in-laws offered to buy us whatever pram/stroller we wanted. We went for a middle of the ranger that you can purchase a second seat for (just in case!), and found it on sale for $550. Had I known about this baby I would have been all over trying to get one imported! What’s not to love about something as AWESOME as this?! I would totally need to find a really good transformers decal for it if I had one!

  8. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but compared to some higher-end strollers the price tag isn’t so bad. That said, Robot Stoller is aaaawesome!

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