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“They have babies there, too”: tips for traveling internationally with an infant

Thinking of taking your infant around the world (or at least overseas)? Get hip with these guidelines and you’ll be golden!

Walking the parent consumerism line: how much is too much?

What did you get while you were pregnant? More importantly — what didn’t you get. How can parents STOP with the rampant consumerism already?

This is me pushing a stroller and feeling weird

Dre and I have already gotten super used to baby-wearing, so using the stroller felt like a huge novelty. You mean, the baby sits in there? And I push this thing? And we walk behind it?

Kids are portable

One of the promises that my husband and I made to ourselves when we talked about having children, was that we’d continue to satisfy our desire to travel. We looked forward to carting our future children around the country and around the world. Our 16 month old daughter has taken three trips in her life, […]