Say what you want, some talents are just innate. Like the ability to rock. Hard. Check out these shots from the Offbeat Mama photo pool of kids rockin’ what their parents gave them:

guitar girl
Photo uploaded to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool by violet tintype.

Check out that low-slung guitar, whammy bar poised and at the ready.

owning the stage
Photo uploaded to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool by koolaidkell.

A rock and roll prodigy! It takes some artists years to perfect that kind of stage presence!

Photo uploaded to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool by dabblersupreme.

I’ve yet to meet an unhappy drummer. Think about it, they get paid to hit stuff.

Ah, but do you know what band needs?

Photo uploaded to the Offbeat Mama Flickr pool by sethsmommy1.

A singer. You’ve gotta admit, the kid’s got pipes.

Comments on Kids rocking out

  1. Shortly I will be posting pictures of my little one (little guy in the second picture) rocking out on the drums! He loves playing with his daddies toys just like daddy likes playing with his!

  2. I'm so happy that I've got one not so good guitar hero guitar that I can let my child use once she's old enough. I'm dying to get my piano up to whereever we live too so she can start learning from her mom. When she's big enough to wield the bass, she'll get to use it too. Now I just have to hope got the rhythm these adorable kids have.

  3. Awesome! Our 6yr old son just started guitar lessons – he'd been bugging us for YEARS – and he couldn't decide between learning guitar, bass guitar, or drums. Out of the blue he latched onto the Beatles when he was 3 – that was all we listened to for a good year (he could tell you all about them – from Yoko to Billy Preston) and he insisted on a Beatles themed 4th birthday party. It's exciting to listen to him practice and I admit – got a little emotional the first time I heard him play a chord. I hope they all have a lifetime of music and rhythm ahead of them!

  4. Lol my son is the last one, he has an amazing sense of beat and rythem. His daddys a guitarist, grandpa is a drummer, and mommy is a singer and dancer lol, he plays with daddys guitars alll the time!

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