What the hell are the financing options for non-traditional homes?

We'd convert the top floor into a swinging loft where we'd reside, and the bottom level would be studio and manufacturing space for my husband's freelance art business, possibly with a storefront gallery. Yet, we're having a terrible time finding funding for such a building. Why is it so difficult for banks to catch up to current trends, and be willing to fund live-work scenarios? What financing options are out there for people like us who aren't at home in a "normal" home?


This LA home can give us all a lesson in organic modern style

I'm obsessed with the organic modern decorating trend. You've more than likely noticed it popping up everywhere… Layers of white and neutral tones, natural textures like wood, fur, and woven jute, and organic accents of antlers, succulents, pottery, all blending together to create a super gorgeous and calming space. This home just took us all to Organic Modernism School…