Turn your iPhone into a working retro telephone

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You guys, WHAT!? I can’t tell if I’m freaking out because this retro iPhone telephone adapter is the coolest thing ever, or completely ridiculous. Or maybe it’s both. HOLY CRAP!

So this thing not only looks cool, but it’s also a charging base For iPhones or iPods, AND it turns your iPhone into a larger vintage-style telephone with one button pick-up/hang-up. Plus it can also work as a landline phone.

Shit, it’s on sale for $98.86. I think I want this now.

Comments on Turn your iPhone into a working retro telephone

  1. What. That *almost* makes me want an iPhone, just so that I could get that cool base for it!

      • OMG THEY DO!

        …although it’s not quite as cool because doesn’t have a docking station. It looks like you just plug into your audio jack, and your mobile kinda flops around behind the retro phone.

        But this is still fucking awesome. Seriously considering.

  2. My vote is for “ridiculous,” as cool looking as the retro phone is. I can’t help but think “yo dawg, I heard you like phones, so I put your phone on a phone so you can phone while you phone.”

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