Amplify your tunes wirelessly with the power of SCIENCE

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Let me set the scene: you’re in the bathroom getting ready, or you’re washing dishes in the kitchen, or you’re folding clothes in the laundry room. You’re bored and you want tunes, but you don’t want to crank the speakers in the living room/you don’t have space to use your laptop/you’re afraid you’ll spill on it. You’re stuck listening to headphones which can be inconvenient or doing without entirely, right? Nah.

Check it: place your phone into a bowl and you have instant acoustic amplification. As you can see, I don’t even have the volume cranked. This saves battery, and the sound is louder and richer. SCIENCE.

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  1. Heeey, a friend of mine once pointed out the same thing to me! We were on a road trip and could only listen to music off of a phone for various reasons, and he said “put it in the cup holder.” I sort of stared at him dumbly, and he repeated himself, and LO AND BEHOLD. Tunes. Not magic … SCIENCE.

  2. I do this all the time at work! When I’m opening, I’m by myself for an hour. I drop my phone into an empty soup bowl, and I can listen to music while making the cookies!

  3. I do something similar to this in the bathroom. My mirror has a ledge on it, and if I set my iPhone down with the speaker facing the mirror it sounds louder than it does when I point it directly at me.

  4. Porcelain, earthware, metal, glass… which works best ?
    Should the phone be at an angle like in the picture, or can it be a bigger bowl where the phone is flat on the bottom ?
    Will a bigger bowl amplify the sound more ?

    Can it only be used in the aforementioned situations, like the bathroom or being alone in the kitchen ? Or could it serve at, say, a picknick too ?

    Thanks in advance for illuminating my questions with the power of science *grin*

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