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We used stripes to turn our garage into a beachy Mexican backdrop to the patio

We chose one of the hottest days of the year to paint our garage. And not just to paint our garage, but to paint it with four different colors of stripes.

Lemme tell you, I’ve got stripe-painting skillz.

A colorful bathroom makeover with a chemistry theme

When we moved in, the bathroom walls were pure white. Now, they’re pink, yellow, blue, and green — and they tell the world we’re science nerds.

Painting trees: asking for trouble or making a front yard awesome?

In front of my house, there is a very nice elm tree. I’ve been wanting to paint it. Is this resale suicide? Pure tackiness? Tree murder?!

10 ways to dress up your walls without paint

Even when you have the ability to paint, you might not always have the energy OR the budget. There are a few surprises in this list of ten ways to work with a wall sans-paint.