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I kicked my closet-kitchen up a notch with a black wall

I painted my kitchen nook the other day! My mini-kitchen-in-a-nook started out looking…a little dull.

So to brighten up my kitchen and make it pop as its on space in my apartment, I painted it black. Black: new hot color for kitchens?

Do or don’t: Bright front doors and painter’s remorse

I want to paint our front door a BIG bright color, but my partner’s got reservations. Some help from the community would really help us make a decision about this.

How to make temporary art

One thing really makes a place look lived-in, and that’s hanging art on the wall. It takes a commitment to put a nail into plaster to hang a picture, and seeing art you’ve committed to hanging immediately makes you feel in control of your space.

While you’re waiting for art you love to come along, you can liven up a room with your own art — or your family’s! Round up the necessities, and I’ll meet you in the driveway for a seriously easy step-by-step guide to making art for your home you’ll be proud of.

How to paint a polka dot washer and dryer that will hold up over time

The laundry room has been a sticking point as we put together out house. It was such a cramped, cluttered nightmare that no one would want to see. U to the G-L-Y. BUT NOW, thanks to a polka dot stencil and some turquoise paint, my much-prettier washer and dryer are leading the way in laundry beautification.

Antlers, bones, and dead things as decor

I love dead animals. I mean, I like LIVING animals more, but bones and teeth and taxidermied things are my favorite type of decorative detritus.

So let’s look at bones in the home. I understand if this icks you out. There’s only a little shame in that.

Learn a new skill: Make white milk paint at home

The paint we all have in our homes is often quite toxic, but you don’t have to buy a petroleum based paint — you can make your own and have it be totally toxin free: I’m talking about milk paint. Powdered milk paint can be purchased and just mixed with water. This would be convientent but would cost about $36.00 a gallon.

Making your own milk paint is relatively easy and half the cost of buying the ready mixed. The lime powder and the pigment are available at paint stores or craft stores. The results are amazing, flat muted color that resembles old-world plaster. Many artists still use this ancient paint because of its workability and the tone of color.

Rad door ideas that go beyond bright colors

Your door is an easy place to fly your freak flag. Here are some ideas for doing it that go beyond painting your portal a lime green — as cool as that can look!

BUT FIRST: I have a challenge…

How to turn your bathroom cupboard into a cat box

Behind that door is a cat box. This bathroom cupboard didn’t have any shelves inside. So I put a piece of carpet down, added a cat door and the cat box is inside!