How to turn your bathroom cupboard into a cat box

Guest post by meve

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  1. Yes. All of this.

    I’m especially in love with the crayon painting! I think, since we’re still renting and actual crazy colors on the wall are off-limits, we will be doing this for my son’s room. It’s so much fun. Yay, melting things!

    • I’m glad people like the crayon painting. I made it as a wedding gift and the recipients loved it! I used a heat gun, but I’ve seen people use a hair dryer successfully, too.

  2. The melted crayon art is AMAZING and I’m really sad I won’t be around this weekend to create some! That will give me time to decide where to put it, anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the spice rack! But my favorite has to be the reptile cafe. I used to work literally five minutes away, but left Japan two days before it opened. Alas! I shall send the link to my former coworkers in hopes that someone can go for me.

  4. That granny square pillow is stunning! I love all the colors. And the chair it’s sitting on is gorgeous, too! I love everything about this picture.

  5. Thank you for featuring my kitty’s litter box hide away! It was the first “project” we did when we moved into our new home.

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