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Bright pillows, peacocks, and playtime on this very summer deck

I know it’s the Fourth of July for our US Homies, and a lot of y’all are outside — grilling things, drinking drinks, and exploding stuff. So in honor of this most summer-y of days, I bring you allaboutevelyn‘s very summery deck decor, with pillows, peacocks, and playtime.

Smudge your campfire with sage to keep bugs away

Sage-scented smoke from tossing some sticks of sage into a campfire or fire pit will turn off mosquitos and other insects from invading your camp space.

How to make an awesome custom piñata

The fella and I decided we wanted to have an Awesome Wedding Piñata. Sadly, the options at the party store did nothing for either of us, and the usual "Coat a balloon in papier-mache!" method didn't seem likely to render a suitably Awesome result.

So I mashed together a few different online tutorials, and I now share the magic! 13 steps of magic!

3 pieces of patio decor for a trippy forest party

I’m poking around outdoor goodies these days — things to light up decks and patios on summer evenings, outdoor foodwear, and games — and I found a few really cute things I wanted to share with you.

How to build an easy to clean fire pit — and then make Italian style s’mores on it

This firepit doesn’t involve cement and it’s very easy to build. And it’s neat because you can clean it in a matter of two minutes! Bonus: a new recipe for s’mores.

A boho-psychedelic outdoor lounge in upstate New York that looks ready for smoky all-night bull sessions

I don’t usually think “’60s mod” when I think “outdoor patio,” but Eve mashed up those two ideas to create a fashionable outdoor living room — complete with a daybed in all-bright colors.

How to take a nature walk all by your grown-up self

Offbeat Mama’s running a really nice post on how to take a nature walk with your kids, but you don’t have to have a kid to make use of this post. It made me want to take a break this afternoon and cruise the ‘hood.

Get ready for an above-average 4th of July weekend with these 4 must-haves

The 4th of July is a major party weekend. To make sure you are ready for your commitment to summer fun, I’ve got games you should play, bug repellent tricks, and even reminders for those of you taking in music festivals.