We don’t believe in walls: living in a bubble

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Photo from Gizmag
Photo from Gizmag

Hank Scorpio doesn’t believe in walls, and it seems that Pierre Stephan Dumas doesn’t, either. He designed these bubble rooms for Attrap’Reves in France.

Gizmag explains…

Last year, designer Pierre Stephane Dumas unveiled his line of room-sized, transparent bubbles that allow people to sleep with almost nothing blocking their view of nature. His goal was to create a portable space that was both comfortable while giving the feeling of being out in the middle of any natural environment — and without disturbing the area very much.

They’re at once fantastical, like dew drops in an enchanted forest, and futuristic, like terraforming colonies with airlocks.

Now, a night in one of these gorgeous designs might be out of some of our price ranges. But let’s dream for a second about how awesome it’d be to live in a bubble with the outdoors all around, and none of the bugs. They even have electricity and running water! I could definitely move into one of these beauties permanently.

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  1. My French is very rusty, so I didn’t catch most of what was said in the video. But if you look at 3:10 in the video, with the sun shining down on the covered bubble, you can see everything in silhouette in the bubble. Which is not a great idea if you have guests or neighbors nearby! I don’t want to see other people’s private moments

  2. I guess this is one of the most environmental friendly hotels I´ve ever seen. I mean, you can just fold it and the nature remains intact. Imagine, most of the outside noises blocked out and you´re just gazing at the stars. Magic!

    Seems ideal for spring or summer, but I wonder if they´re open in winter as well..just curious about the heating and insulation..

  3. I saw this on Facebook in 2014 and I immediately thought, “Cool! Someone has lived in this bubble for a year and decided to blog about it!”

    Somebody please make this happen.

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