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What’s a luxury bunker look like?

When mecha-aliens invade, this family can decide to peace out on the world for a while and mosey on down to their still-decent below-ground house.

A boho-psychedelic outdoor lounge in upstate New York that looks ready for smoky all-night bull sessions

I don’t usually think “’60s mod” when I think “outdoor patio,” but Eve mashed up those two ideas to create a fashionable outdoor living room — complete with a daybed in all-bright colors.

A hand-embellished retro future apartment on the market in New York

A Jules Verne-meets-Tim Burton apartment in NYC just went on the market. Ogle it and you’ll find a new use for submarines in decor.

’90s cartoon design porn comes to life as an ultra-lux NYC condo

This Core 77 feature took me a’flashbacking to my days as a hardcore Gargoyles nerd. Hellooo again, 7th-grade dream home. Turns out you actually exist!

Becca & Adam’s folk art-heavy rock pad

Offbeat intern Becca is our first Home Tour featuree — she lives with her husband and sister in a rock ‘n’ roll flat nestled in an amazingly diverse neighborhood in Queens. My favorite part? The nudie pics in the bathroom.