’90s cartoon design porn comes to life as an ultra-lux NYC condo

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This Core 77 feature took me a’flashbacking to my days as a hardcore Gargoyles nerd — every day of 7th grade I raced home to catch a cartoon about, ahem, a clan of 1000 year-old gargoyles who come to life at nightfall and must fight other fantastical beings to survive. At one point, they make their home in a fictional NYC clock tower.

We are defenders of the night! We are GARGOYLES!

Hellooo again, former dream home. Turns out you actually exist!

For $23 million dollars I could move into my very own New York clock tower and pick up where I left off writing Gargoyles fanfic and drawing fanart. Until I can scrape up the dough, however, maybe I’ll dig around and see if I still have any Gargoyles eps on VHS.

Gargoyles stills via the Gargoyles wiki.

Learn more about the penthouse at Core 77.

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  1. <3

    Gargoyles needs to get on Netflix. For reals. Also, my future mother-in-law has one of those old McDonald's plates with Goliath on it. I'm gonna steal it one of these days.

      • Quick note of interest. The reason it stopped halfway through the second season is that Disney never released the second half to DVD. They released the first season under the stipulation that it had to sell enough or the second season wouldn’t come out… then they split the second season in two because it was so long. When first half of the second season didn’t meet their sales, they back burnered the second half indefinately. 🙁 Can’t tell I was a huge fan can you? But YES! that place is amazing!

  2. My sig other worked on a Jay-Z commercial in that apartment. He came home and told me all about the place. Like that the staircase winds around the open elevator shaft, no glass around the shaft, no guardrail…. like if you had kids, or drunk friends they could be jump from the open stairwell onto the top of the elevator. =D

    (It was a Spike Lee commercial for Jay-Z’s clothing line, un-aired in the states.)

  3. I recall spending many of my childhood afternoons watching gargoyles while at the same time eating my gargoyle shaped Spaghetti-Os (which by the way, came with temporary Gargoyle tattoos! Score!)

  4. Season 1 and season 2 (vol 1) are available on DVD– but there are torrents of the complete series until the DVDs catch up.

    Ignore season 3, though– that’s when Disney bought it and made it crappy.

  5. Oh my gosh, I think that was the apartment of the main character in Bamboozled! I thought it was just a sound stage set-up! I want it now…

  6. I need to find the show again. I’m taken back to a time when after school cartoons were good, and the only reason to get up early on a saturday was to watch cartoons.

  7. LOVED Gargoyles like no one’s business, it was one of the shows that really got me interested in literature -when my mom passed by one afternoon and mentioned that the faeries were all from Shakespeare, I just HAD to know more about the guy.

  8. Did you know that almost all of the voices on Gargoyles were done by former and current Star Trek actors, from the first of the series all the way through Deep Space Nine. No joke. IMDB it.

    Alternately that apartment could star in a ’90s version of Batman, but only if it were monochromatic grey inside.

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