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3 reasons why LeakyCon might be the king of all geek cons and considerations for the future

I mentioned LeakyCon a few weeks ago in a round-up of summer cons that would be great to take your teen to — and boy, was it ever. This was my first year experiencing the pure, unadulterated geek fest that is LeakyCon, and it didn’t disappoint. What began four years ago as a small meet-up of Harry Potter fans has blossomed into a series of days that are truly special. I started reading Harry Potter 14 years ago, and there was nothing like this back in the day. No way to easily connect with people over the internet (there was no Tumblr! Twitter! Not even Facebook!), no way of being able to share the serious feels I had about the series with others unless they were a) my friends and b) actually interested in the books. Basically, I spent a lot of time talking with my then nine-year-old brother about Harry Potter, because no one else I knew really cared.

LeakyCon and 4 other nerd-tastic summer cons perfect for parent-teen bonding

Guys, summer is almost upon is… which means it’s TOTALLY time to get ready for con season! We’ve chatted about taking a small child to a con (totally doable), but never before have we waded into aspirational con territory for many a parent-child duo: taking your teen to a con. Luckily there are tons of options this time of year — there’s a con for just about every form of geekery you can drum up. Harry Potter fan? Check. Horror movie aficionado? You got it.

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My 5 ideas for non-baby themed nurseries

My husband and I are only just beginning to talk about having a baby, but like the overeager person I am I’ve already been looking at different baby room inspiration online. Over the past few weeks I have looked at all the available store themes and come to one conclusion: they are not us. Baby animals, over-powering geometric patterns, PINK…. just because it’s for a baby’s room doesn’t mean it has to be infantile!

What geeky methods can I employ to tell my partner we’re having a baby?

My husband and I have recently started trying to create a little baby geek all of our own! It dawned on my this morning that when the time comes for me to pee on that little stick — it seems my life revolves around peeing on little sticks these days — that he will be at work, so I will know a good 10 hours before he gets back.

“Be honest, honorable, and kind”: Wil Wheaton explains to a newborn girl why being a nerd is awesome

During a talk at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on April 27th, audience member Jennifer Black asked professional nerd Wil Wheaton to explain to her newborn daughter Violet why being a nerd is so awesome. Jennifer captured Wil’s inspiring answer on film for herself and others around the world to enjoy and pass on to their children.

V is for Vader: geeky and nerdy baby fashion from ThinkGeek

CALLING ALL BREEDERS OF BABY NERDS: it’s about to get reeeeal cute and real nerdy in here! When I happily found ThinkGeek’s V is For Vader onesie ($19.99) I immediately started making a list of everyone I knew who a) has a newborn and b) loves Star Wars. Fortunately for ThinkGeek, that list is long and mighty! And fortunately for you, the nerdy baby offerings don’t stop there.

A diaphragm powered by an ocean wave: how singing through labor made me epic

I’ve always hoped that I would one day discover that I am an epic warrior with hidden powers. If it was ever up to me to save the world, I know I’d be righteous, clever, brave and able to endure suffering and immense challenges so that Good can triumph. Thing is, my life has been sadly lacking wise old wizards with world-saving quests, so I’ve rarely had a chance to put my epic-ness to the test. Even before I got pregnant, I thought to myself: “I bet I can make it through without an epidural. Yeah, I’m definitely going to try that.”

20 DIY pop culture themes for your baby’s nursery

The folks at Buzzfeed were on to something extra special when they concocted this list of 20 pop culture-themed baby nurseries AND how you could make your own versions — something special indeed! Themes range from Harry Potter to Pokemon to LOST (with polar bears included, of course) — here are few of our faves.