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Antlers, bones, and dead things as decor

I love dead animals. I mean, I like LIVING animals more, but bones and teeth and taxidermied things are my favorite type of decorative detritus.

So let’s look at bones in the home. I understand if this icks you out. There’s only a little shame in that.

Gothic garden planning: 5 black blooms worth braving the sun for

As I dove into garden-planning season, I came across this breathtaking flower: the Black Parrot tulip. Now, I know it’s too late to plant tulips, but that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about these.

Happily, the Black Parrot led me down a rabbit hole of other dark plants — the kind of vegetation that might convince even the palest of goths to slather on sunscreen and get into the garden.

Treat yourself! …To another macabre Christmas tree

Christmas comes but once a year so I have to share ANOTHER dark Christmas tree from a reader — even though we already showed one gothy purple one! Whatever. I really doubt you guys are going to complain that we have too many AWESOME VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS PHOTOS.

Use your wedding decorations for double-duty Christmas decor

Juniper Zombie started my unusual Christmas tree hunt on the right foot when she pinged us about showing off her mad rad purple and black tree. We’ve got pics of it, more ideas on ways to recycle your wedding stuff.

Needles, teeth, and photos of dead people: the macabre home of Emilia

Emilia has this organically creepy home, and it’s right up my alley: all bones, x-rays, and glass containers. Turns out deep down I just want to live in a natural history museum. This is a total fantasy home for me.

The must-have accessory for the home of the modern adventurer: a monster-skin rug

Joshua Ben Longo makes monster rugs. They’re about $3000, so start saving now. Made with felt, stuffing, and polymer clay, these pieces make me feel more imaginative about my entire home. Like, what if I do something CRAZY with the linen closet? kind of imaginative.