The must-have accessory for the home of the modern adventurer: a monster-skin rug

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photos courtesy Longoland

Joshua Ben Longo makes monster rugs. They're about $3000, so start saving now.

Made with felt, stuffing, and polymer clay, these pieces make me feel more imaginative about my entire home. Like, maybe all my furniture needs TEETH! kind of imaginative.

Go fantasy-shop his drawings and sculptures at Longoland. Original link via If it's Hip, it's Here.

    • My first response was "I NEED this!" which was somewhat loudly proclaimed at work.

      My second response was "At $2k, I need to MAKE this."

      I don't expect the Mister to approve of owning this, so I'm making it for a VERY lucky DIY friend – whoever likes the link I shared on facebook first.

  1. Wow– I'm simultaneously in love and kind of scared of these, especially the white one! But, you know, scared in that haunted house LIKING the willies way..

    The darker one definitely feels very "Where the Wild Things Are" …

  2. Goddamnit, I will make this if it is the last thing I do!
    Teehee, it's so funny how many of us so far have immediately though 'Oh totally have to make that' rather than 'I totally have to buy that'

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