DIY Tutu for the chronically uncrafty

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I needed a tutu to match a pair of Chucks for family picture day, but couldnt find a perfect match, and didn’t have much to spend. So, I dorked out with some ribbon and tule and made a way cute tutu for my kiddo. It’s so easy, its ridiculous. I’m tempted to make one to match every outfit she has!

Try it out yourself! A video tutorial is after the jump.

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  1. I will be doing this project!!! My daughter collects tutus, it will be so nice to have some that we made together!

    Also, a cute project that we did for displaying tutus…
    long, colorful ribbon (we chose fuschia/white stripes in a gauzy material), the length of a corner of your daughter’s room
    colorful thumbtacks
    wooden clothespins
    paint pots

    Pin the ribbon across one corner of the room. Paint the clothespins with funky designs and colors. Let dry. Use them to pin all tutus across the room. You now have a fairy room on laundry day!

  2. Hunny, thanks for this! I already looked some tutorials up because I plan on making a tutu for my little girl for her 6 month pictures. But this video is awesome! Go you!

  3. Awesome! I’m making one for my daughter for her hedgehog costume this Halloween (mostly so she won’t just look like a random, spiky turd). Appreciate the tutorial – can’t believe it’s this easy (and people are out there selling them for like 25-50 bucks).

  4. I made myself a tutu using the same technique a few years ago. I got so many compliments on it. It’s super easy but so many people can’t be bothered to diy so they pay $30+ for them!

  5. Made one the other day. It has already become my daughter’s favorite tutu! I have a couple of friends coming over next week with their daughters to make some more as part of a mother-daughter craft day!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. Made two of these last night. So easy and fun! Bulk ordered tulle, and am going to make them with Girl Guides next month!
    (Warning: do not buy ‘glitter tulle’. It is messy and doesnt move and knot as smoothly.)

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