Beautiful belly pendants celebrate the awesomeness of birth

Guest post by HunnyDu

startpendantLooking for a unique and special BlessingWay gift or a way to show appreciation for your dedicated Midwife or Doula? Maybe you yourself need a talisman in the birth room to give you strength to push that baby out.

When I was preparing for the birth of my daughter, I wore one of these beautiful pendants to remind me that in recent history, approximately 6.5 billion other births had taken place and that I could do it too. I bought one for my Doula also.

If a squatting, crowning woman is a little TMI for you, there are also pendants for Lactivists, C-Section Awareness, and the life giving Placenta. I like that they come in different skin tones and unique patterns and bright colors too.

Go browse the collection and look! Even world-famous midwife and author, Ina May Gaskin has one:

Comments on Beautiful belly pendants celebrate the awesomeness of birth

  1. I bought one of these pendants for a friend whose first baby was premature. She made me one with a clock on the belly, with the clock hands pointing to the due date – and my friend made it all the way there with her second. They really are thoughtful and beautiful.

  2. i actually saw a picture of Ina may Gaskin wearing a belly pendant once and i loved it so much that i made myself one for our first birth. It was very plain and simple, these ones are gorgeous!

  3. We bought one for my (practically) SIL who is a midwife of the baby crowning. It arrived in the post today and I was so excited about seeing it, that when I opened I found ANOTHER pendant of a belly pendant that my husband had picked out for me!!! I can't wait to get a cord to wear it, they are really beautifully made.

  4. I love these pendants! I bought some as blessingway gifts, and I bought myself one to honour my babies placenta. I had placenta previa and i ended up being so angry at the placenta, that when my daughter was born I didn’t keep the placenta as I had planned to. I now regret that and cherish that beautiful placenta, and wear that pendant to honour it.

    I also would love to know where to get a blessed shirt like that?!?!?!?

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