Where can I get geeky holiday cards?

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I want to order holiday cards in bulk to send out to my whole address list. But most of what I find on Etsy are photo cards (which my partner begged me not to make him do, at least until we have kids) or single cards that are $3.50/piece.

Where can I find really nice, geeky holiday cards?



You’ve come to the right place, Amanda. Here’s the Offbeat Home roundup of awesome geeky non-family-photo-needing holiday cards — including the Zombie Christmas Cards (pictured here) from Think Geek, cards that are perfect for techies, science geeks, gamers, and more.

Click on any of the cards below to learn more about them…



Year in a Nutshell Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Year in Review Holiday Non-Photo Cards


Season's Greetings Checklist Holiday Non-Photo Cards


Holiday Globe Holiday Non-Photo Cards


Heart-Fold Christmas Wishes Holiday Non-Photo Cards


Holiday Play Holiday Non-Photo Cards


Neck The Halls A2 Holiday Cards - Set of 10 folded cards

Candy Canes 4 Bar Letterpress Holiday Cards - Box of 8 folded cards

Ugly Sweaters A2 Holiday Cards - Set of 10 folded cards

A Purrrfect Christmas Holiday Non-Photo Cards

12 Days Reality Check Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Music nerds:

Jingle Bell Rocks Holiday Non-Photo Cards

Think Geek has some for free!:

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  1. We went with Vistaprint– their completely blank cards that you upload your own design for. You can upload any geeky thing you want! Though for some reason their website is stuck on the UK version today, and refuses to switch to USA.

    • There is one that just says “Joy, Love, Peace”, two which are charts to recap the year, one is a checklist that is as much Hanukkah as it is Christmas, One that says that Axial Tilt is “The reason for the season”, a couple of Happy Holidays card, and one for Festivus. Even if none of them are specifically Hanukkah, it shouldn’t be that hard to write “Happy Hanukkah” inside an otherwise generic card.

    • Yup, sadly I didn’t run across any nerdy, specifically-Hanukkah cards, but, as Alexandra pointed out, there are many non-holiday specific cards featured that could easily be your Hanukkah cards.

      But if you stumble upon geeky specifically-Hanukkah cards in your search, please let us know!

  2. Where would one find the ThinkGeek cards? I have been searching their site and their facebook and can not see them. Either it’s too early in the morning and my eyes are still glued shut or they aren’t there.

  3. This year, I took pictures we had taken during the year and added clever sentences and poems I had written myself. It’s rather inexpensive to have them printed and delivered (about 75 bucks for 120 postcards), and you can do virtually anything as long as you have got a camera and know how to upload pictures. ^^

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